Kroger/ PFBA Plant-Based Meat in Store

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New PBFI/Kroger Report Shows Health Remains Top Purchase Driver for Plant-Based Foods

A new report by the Plant-Based Foods Institute and Kroger shows health concerns remain US consumers’ top motivator for purchasing plant-based products. Among other insights, the report also reveals sales of plant-based foods are beginning to slowly displace the purchase of animal products. According to survey data, 54% of consumers said health is their primary reason for purchasing plant-based products, while 49% believe plant-based alternatives are healthier, and 39% like the taste or flavor of plant-based foods. Just over one quarter, or 26%, cited animal welfare as their top motivation, while 23% named environmental concerns.  “What is unique about this research, in terms of health, is that we learned specifically that consumers associate chronic illness with animal-based foods versus simply improving their overall health,” Julie …


Certification on Product Label

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SCS Global Launches New Plant-Based Certification to Support Transparency in Labeling

SCS Global Services, a leader in third-party certification, announces the launch of its Plant-Based Certification Program. The program, built around a new standard from the nonprofit development body SCS Standards, seeks to help consumers make better-informed choices by distinguishing plant-based brands through rigorous auditing, testing and labeling requirements.  Certification under the new SCS-109 Standard confirms that products do not contain any animal-derived inputs; products eligible to receive certification include food, beverages, CBD, and body care products.  According to the standard, products for human and animal consumption must contain a minimum of 95% plant-based ingredients, while other items, such as body care products, must contain a minimum of 50% plant-derived ingredients.  SCS states that the certification’s audit mechanisms, procedures, and quality systems are aligned with its …


ASM Plant-Based Snacks/ Appetizers

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ASM Global Partners with Wicked Kitchen to Bring Plant-Based Menu to Hundreds of Live Venues

ASM Global, a leader in venue management and live entertainment, announces a multi-year partnership with plant-based food provider Wicked Kitchen to increase vegan food options across its network of arenas, stadiums, theaters and convention centers.  With this strategic partnership, ASM says it is poised to become a sustainability leader within the global entertainment and convention industry.  The partnership establishes Wicked Kitchen as ASM’s “Preferred Plant-Based Food Partner” and “Exclusive Plant-Based Food Provider” across all catering, suite and concessions managed by SAVOR, the company’s culinary division. Featured menu items will include a diverse selection of appetizers, sandwiches, sausages, burgers, pizzas, pastas, main dishes and ice cream, all 100% plant-based.  “We’re proud to be a part of the solution for ASM Global’s large-scale venues to meet their sustainability …


Pearlita Plant-Based Oysters


Pearlita Holds First Tasting of Plant-Based Oysters in Berkeley, CA

Alt-seafood startup Pearlita announces the company recently held its first tasting of plant-based oyster. Taking place on Nov. 8 in the Bay Area, the tasting was part of a fundraising effort for Pearlita, which plans to launch its first alternative oyster into restaurants and retail in 2023.  Oyster favorites Pearlita staged the tasting at Wild Earth’s headquarters near San Francisco, where guests were offered a full menu showcasing the oyster in a fried po’ boy sandwich, raw vegan oyster ceviche and raw oysters on the half-shell. Though the company is leveraging both plant-based and cultivated technologies to develop the product, Pearlita says it is first releasing a plant-based prototype while it works on scaling its cell lines.  The plant-based prototype is made from a proprietary …


UPSIDE Cultivated Chicken


Farm Forward Survey Finds Two-Thirds of Americans are Willing to Eat Cultivated Meat

According to a new survey conducted by Farm Forward, a nonprofit working to end factory farming, approximately two-thirds of Americans (67%) say they would cultivated meat products, while 58% are open to consuming plant-based proteins.  Changing attitudes The survey, conducted in partnership with OnePoll, asked 2,001 US adults who were primary household shoppers about their interest in meat alternatives. While the majority expressed willingness to consume animal-free proteins, some negative attitudes persist about the perceptions plant-based diets, with 32-38% of respondents believing stereotypes about vegans and vegetarians, whether positive (e.g they are more compassionate) or negative (e.g. they don’t get enough protein) to be true.  Notably, 72% say the past decade has changed how others view vegan and vegetarian stereotypes.  Less meat for holidays? As …


Beyond Burger in Store

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Beyond Meat and American Cancer Society to Advance Research on Plant-Based Meat and Cancer Prevention

Beyond Meat and the American Cancer Society (ACS) announce a multi-year agreement to advance research on the link between plant-based meat and cancer prevention. The first-of-its-kind commitment aims to increase the understanding of how plant-based meats contribute to healthy diet patterns, and their potential role in cancer prevention. The study will also help ACS to build a foundation of plant-based meat and diet data collection, and is a critical step toward long-term research on plant-based proteins.  “American Cancer Society guidelines have long recommended a diet rich in plant foods with limited intake of processed and red meat,” said William L. Dahut, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society.  He continued, “While short-term research studies have shown that switching to plant-based meat improves risk …


Veg Out School Lunch Program

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Chartwells K12 Launches ‘Veg Out’ Plant-Forward Lunch Menus Across US Schools

Dining service provider Chartwells K12 announces its newest culinary concept, “Veg Out”, is launching at US schools across the nation this fall, including school districts in Texas, Indiana and Washington state. The new program features over 100 new vegan and vegetarian lunch options. According to Chartwells, a subsidiary of Compass Group North America,  1 in 3 school-aged students rated vegan or vegetarian options as “extremely” or “very important” when choosing school lunch, while 37% said they would eat school lunches more often if there were better vegetarian and vegan choices.  Armed with this knowledge, Chartwells partnered with the Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Kids Collaborative, as well as other industry leaders, to create over 120 vegan and vegetarian options including: Watermelon Poke Bowl Tuscan Bean …


Supermeat Cultivated Chicken Sandwich


SuperMeat Survey Reveals Nearly 90% of US Chefs Would Serve Cultivated Meat

A new survey conducted by food tech company SuperMeat discovered that 86% of American chefs are interested in serving cultivated meats, poultry or seafood to customers.  Conducted with market research consultancy Censuswide, the survey polled opinions from 251 US chefs and food professionals. The results found:  86% of chefs are interested in serving cultivated meat or poultry, with 22% of those saying they are “very interested” 84% would consider replacing conventional meat with cultivated meat on their menus if pricing were similar 77% would be willing to pay a premium for cultivated meats, with two-thirds willing to pay 11-15% more Those surveyed indicated food safety, concerns for the environment and customer demand were top motivators for adding cultivated meat to their menus.  Chicken is top …


US Capitol/ Congress Building


Biden Administration Reveals Proposal to Expand Plant-Based Options at Federal Facilities

President Biden’s administration has announced a new proposal that pledges to increase the availability of plant-based and vegetarian options at federal facilities.  The “National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health” plan would, in part, provide greater access to plant-based options at federal dining facilities such as prisons, parks, hospitals, museums and government buildings. Over 30 members of Congress, chefs, and a large coalition of organizations focused on food, farming, animal welfare and the environment supported the measure. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which backed the proposal, fewer than half of federal facilities it surveyed regularly offer a plant-based or vegetarian entree option. Where they are available, the plant-based options usually provide limited nutritional benefits, the survey found.  According to the group, such dining …


Memphis Vegan BBQ

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How Memphis, the “Pork BBQ Capital of the World”, is Reinventing Itself Through Vegan Southern Cuisine

The city of Memphis, TN, famous for its status as a BBQ capital and haven of hot wings, is undergoing an unexpected transformation into a new destination for plant-based US Southern cuisine, reports National Geographic.  Among new noteworthy restaurants, Plant Based Heat opened in June 2021 to offer a fully meatless take on the city’s beloved tradition of spicy wings. Founded by Ralph ‘RJ Groove’ Johnson, Plant Based Heat offers diners vegan wings (“vings”) made from soy and pea protein smothered in a variety of signature sauces.  According to Johnson, a former branch owner of popular local chain Crumpy’s Wings, he created his concept to offer Memphis residents both excellent food and a healtful departure from the city’s meat-heavy cuisine. “I wanted to bring healthier food …


Battle of Brands / Mindblown and Crafty

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Crafty Counter and MindBlown Seafood Compete for Investments and More in ‘Battle of the Brands’

Plant-based brands Crafty Counter and Mindblown Seafood are competing for new investment funds and a chance to grow their companies in Battle of the Brands, a production by Better for You Media.  In Battle of the Brands, two better-for-you food companies square off against each other during two-minute audition trailers. The competitors are paired off according to their “weight class”, which compares key characteristics such as company sales data, founding story, or social media audience size.  Each week, the competing brands’ fanbases have a chance to vote for their favorite; the brand that receives the most votes earns the right to appear in a full episode of Season 1 of Behind the Wrapper, a how-its-made show hosted by legendary television host Marc Summers.  The winning …


Zero Egg Huevos Revueltos NYC Event

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Zero Egg Serves Plant-Based Eggs to Mayor and 1,000+ Guests at NYC’s Gracie Mansion

This week, plant-based egg brand Zero Egg sponsored a Dominican Heritage event hosted by Gracie Mansion, the official residence of NYC Mayor Eric Adams. With 1,600 guests, the event was the city’s largest heritage event this year and featured a full spread of plant-based dishes made with Zero Egg.  During the all-vegan event, guests enjoyed plant-based takes on traditional Dominican cuisine, including tostones, maduros, gazpacho, and revuelto de hueve con yucca frita. Normally made with chicken eggs, the revuelto de hueve was created with Zero Egg’s scramble and pickled red onion. Mayor Adams is a well-known vegan and health advocate who used his political platform to introduce vegan meals into the city’s public schools in 2022. Adams’ administration is also the first in NYC history …


Food pantry/ food bank/ charity/ donations/ volunteer

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How LA’s First Vegan Food Bank is Fighting the City’s Hunger and Food Waste

As rising inflation continues to push the cost of food, especially meat, to record highs, at least one Los Angeles organization is taking action to make fresh, healthy plant-based food accessible to those in need.   Launched in May 2022, the Vegans of LA Food Bank is the city’s first all-vegan food bank and provides fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and more to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Created in partnership with the Hope on Union Food Bank, Vegans of LA has already fed thousands of people and received broad support from the local community and leading national businesses, reports VegWorld Magazine.  While it primarily focuses on serving whole plant-based foods, the food bank also supplies plant-based meaty and dairy products provided by Good Catch, Hodo …


Everything Legendary Plant-Based Cheeseburger

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“Power of Plant-Based” Report Shows US Consumers Want Tastier, Healthier Alternative Proteins

The Food Industry Association has released its inaugural “Power of Plant-Based” report, which covers alternative meat and dairy as well as naturally derived plant foods like fruits and vegetables. Among the survey’s insights, it finds taste and healthiness remain key drivers for plant-based purchasing decisions.  Buying habits According to FMI, almost half of all shoppers are making some effort to buy plant-based food and beverages, and many expect to strongly increase their future consumption. For regular plant-based consumers, 35% said consumption will increase “a little more”, while 27% said future consumption will increase “a lot more”. A quarter of consumers regularly consume milk alternatives and 21% regularly consume other dairy alternatives. About 20% of shoppers typically consume meat alternatives. A quarter of consumers regularly buy …


Eat Just chicken sandwich closeup

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“How Are we Going to Survive?” – SMU President Calls For Cultivated Meat as Singapore’s Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

In light of Singapore’s ongoing supply chain disruptions, Prof. Lily Kong, president of the Singapore Management University (SMU), highlights the necessity of cell-cultured meat and milk products in order to achieve the country’s “30 by 30” goal. In a recent discussion that was part of the biennial World Cities Summit (WCS) and reported by Today Online, Prof. Lily Kong, who specializes in social-cultural and urban geography, spoke about Singapore’s path to food security and how to break the psychological barrier regarding cell-cultured meat and dairy products. Supply chain disruptions in Singapore With more than 90% of its food currently being imported, Singapore is highly dependent on international food imports. While Singapore tops the Economist Intelligence Unit’s food security index, it only reaches 12th place when …