Logo der veganen Initiative: World Meat Free Week

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World Meat Free Week from 11 to 17 June 2018

World Meat Free Week is a public initiative run by the English association of the same name, which aims to raise awareness of and take action against the environmental and health problems associated with the global consumption of meat. With the support of many prominent partners, a “World Meat-free Week” will be held from 11 to 17 June 2018, in which anyone can participate.


Tuben & Pasten veganer Naturkosmetik

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An Overview of the Most Important Natural Cosmetics Labels

The market for natural cosmetics products has been booming for several years, and is still enjoying strong growth. At the same time, competition between different products and manufacturers is increasing. As a consumer, it is often difficult to recognise natural cosmetics and to avoid being deceived. For this reason, there are many natural cosmetics labels which serve as guides and certify the quality of the product.


Silk feiert erfolgreiche Bike-to-work-woche

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Danone Subsidiary Celebrates Successful Bike-to-Work Week

Silk, a subsidiary of Danone North America specializing in plant-based foods, organized a “Bike-to-Work Week” from May 14-18 this year. This was intended to raise awareness of a healthier lifestyle. The campaign received high-profile support from Antoni Porowski, a well-known nutrition activist, who is featured in the “Queer Eye” series on Netflix.


Reportern mit Mikrofonen für das Interview mit Paul McCartney zu veganer Ernährung

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Paul McCartney on the Origins of Vegan Food

Paul McCartney, the ‘second voice’ of The Beatles, is an asset to the vegan community. He recently gave a lengthy interview in a UK newspaper about the need for change. The interview was published on the 25th anniversary of his former wife Linda McCartney’s vegetarian collection, which, like Stella McCartney, creates animal-free innovations. He spoke about the social significance of the shift towards vegan diets, saying “Meat-free is the new rock’n’roll”.


Die US-amerikanische R&B-Sängerin Beyoncé Knowles hat eine App herausgebracht, mit der Kunden vegane Mahlzeiten koordinieren und organisieren können. Die vegane App verrat alle Tipps und Tricks zum veganen Kochen, die eigens von Beyoncé entdeckt und für gut befunden wurden.

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Beyoncé Launches Vegan App

US R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles has released an app allowing users to coordinate and organize vegan meals. The vegan app reveals various tips and tricks for vegan cooking which Beyoncé has discovered and endorsed. It also includes a variety of recipes, and allows users to plan meals based on cooking habits, dietary requirements, allergies, household size and other criteria.