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Time to Challenge the Price Barrier Concept: Analysis Finds Vegan Diet Saves $500 Per Year

A recent analysis conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, published in JAMA Network Open, sheds light on the economic benefits of adopting a low-fat vegan diet. Vegan diets have been central to poorer communities and indigenous peoples around the world for centuries; items such as tofu, seitan, TVP, beans, and tempeh, are highly affordable and more so than animal proteins. Furthermore, a recent Gallup Consumption Habits poll highlighted that the largest population of Americans opting for plant-based diets are those in low-income families. Contrary to the widely-held notion that vegan diets are more expensive, and the subsequently perceived obstacle of a price barrier cited by a majority of non-vegans, the new PCRM paper found that those living a plant-based lifestyle can save 16% …


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850+ Academics, Politicians, and Public Figures Demand Vegan Catering in UK Universities

The Plant-Based Universities campaign has sent an open letter to university vice-chancellors, catering managers, and student union presidents across the UK, calling for a transition to 100% plant-based catering in UK universities.  The open letter, supported by over 850 academics, politicians, and public figures, including Chris Packham, Etienne Stott MBE, and George Monbiot, marks one of the largest instances of academic endorsement for a plant-based food system.  Urgency of change Michelle Farnham of the Plant-Based Universities campaign emphasized the urgency of the call, saying, “This open letter should be a clear message to universities across the UK and beyond that the time for bold and decisive change is now.” Chris Packham, a well-known broadcaster and environmentalist, expressed his support, stating, “The student campaigners of Plant-Based …


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Questlove in Bill Gates Podcast: “Something Told Me Plant-Based Is Going to Be the Future”

In the latest episode of his “Unconfuse Me” podcast, tech mogul Bill Gates sits down with Questlove, the drummer of The Roots and Philidelphia foodie. The thought-provoking conversation revolved around the landscape of plant-based foods, with both Gates and Questlove sharing insights into their personal journeys and perspectives on the industry. Questlove, a Grammy Award-winning musician and musical director for The Tonight Show, recalls his evolution from a self-proclaimed carnivore to a passionate advocate for plant-based food. His connection to the culinary world deepened when he started hosting food salons with celebrity chefs, ultimately leading him to explore the plant-based movement. And that’s when he encountered Impossible™ meat. He recalled a blind taste test he conducted, comparing a traditional hamburger with the Impossible Burger. “I …


National Plant-Based Youth Steering Committee

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National Plant-Based Youth Advocates Make History on Capitol Hill

In a groundbreaking movement, the National Plant-Based Youth Steering Committee (YSC) achieved a monumental stride in its mission. Established in 2022 by the Healthy Future Students and Earth Coalition, the YSC is made up of diverse students from across the United States who share a commitment to promoting accessible, nutritious plant-based foods in schools, all while striving to address systemic inequalities. United in their values and driven by the pressing need to combat climate change, the YSC is a group of young activists determined to make a positive impact and facilitate transformative change for youth across America.  The committee centers on the voices of black, indigenous, people of color, and low-income students who are most impacted by school meal programs and climate change, focusing on …


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Celebrities Offer £1M for Prince William to Add Plant-Based Category to Earthshot Prize

A league of high-profile media figures, including three Oscar winners, have written an open letter to Prince William, head of The Royal Foundation‘s Earthshot Prize, which rewards £1 million to five businesses working on environmental projects so that they can continue their endeavors. One prize last year was awarded to NotPla, innovators in algae-based alternatives to plastic. The letter urges the organizers to include a new category that rewards innovations in plant-based food for their role in protecting the planet. Along with the request for the establishment of an “Advance a Plant-Based Food System” category, the £1 million prize for this category has been offered by international NGO Generation Vegan. The open letter begins: Your Royal Highness Prince William, Earthshot Prize Council Member Sir David …


Lazy Heroes

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LAZY HEROES: New Oat Drink Lifestyle Brand from Actor Elyas M’Barek

The actor Elyas M’Barek has begun his entrepreneurial journey with the launch of LAZY HEROES, a range of high-quality plant-based milk alternatives, via Uplegger. Oat drinks are extremely popular with flexitarians and the production is far more resource-efficient than that of cow’s milk. The actor is so convinced of plant-based milk alternatives that he is now involved as an entrepreneur in the field of oat drinks. The film star has founded his own lifestyle brand under the name LAZY HEROES. Elyas M’Barek comments: “Until now, however, the right product and the right environment were missing. A year ago I got to know the LAZY HEROES team in Berlin and was thrilled. The conviction for the products and the plan for the brand – the whole …


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Oatly’s Soft Serve Launching at All Deutsche Bahn Lounges Across Germany

Oatly today announces a partnership with Deutsche Bahn (DB), one of the largest railway companies in Europe, to offer Oatly soft serve for the first time in all 16 DB lounges across Germany.  Oatly and Deutsche Bahn initially collaborated in 2022 by making Oatly Barista Edition the first-ever plant-based milk to be served on all Deutsche Bahn ICE and Intercity trains. Since then, the national rail company of Germany, which serves on average just under 2 billion passengers per year, has gone on to provide further plant-based options including a vegan currywurst option as well as a chilli sin carne with the LikeMeat product Like Hack. Oatly Soft Serve, which launched in the US in 2021, is available at New York City’s iconic ice cream …


ProVeg NFH Nigeria

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Tapping into Nigeria’s Plant-Based Food Market

With a rich food heritage, developing economy, growing bank of F&B innovators, and impressive population growth, Nigeria is one to watch as our world strives to transform the food system. Though ripe with potential, the African country’s market for plant-based foods has only started to take off recently, with first-mover VeggieVictory securing the spot as Nigeria’s earliest plant-based restaurant and brand. In its latest New Food Hub interview, NGO ProVeg International caught up with the Founder of VeggieVictory, Hakeem Jimo (also the new director of ProVeg Nigeria), to learn more about the African country’s food industry. An entrepreneur of many talents, Hakeem shared valuable lessons and insights into unlocking Nigeria’s plant-based food industry. Let the food do the talking “It was a bit crazy,” Hakeem …


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Celebrity Cruises to Offer Seven-Course Plant-Based Menu Aboard New Ship

Premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises has announced that a seven-course plant-based tasting menu will be available on board its new ship, Celebrity Ascent. Served in the ship’s signature restaurant, the menu is said to give customers the opportunity to “experience global cuisine in its most pristine and untouched form”. The dishes will include minimally processed ingredients sourced from their original places of origin; example menu items are Golden Beet-Tomato Ceviche, Ajoblanco Panna Cotta, Roasted and Glazed Celeriac Steak, and Dry Rose Petals Masala Curry. The plant-based dishes will also be available a la carte, with the option to pair them with vegan and organic wines. “Delighting every guest” The news comes just a month after German cruise line AIDA opened primarily plant-based restaurants on board …


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Veganism and Masculinity: The Vegan Society’s Deep Dive on Gender Imbalance in Veganism

In recent years, the gender imbalance in vegan and vegetarian populations has received much interest from researchers seeking to explain this phenomenon. As it turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, the reasons for this imbalance are deeply complicated. The Vegan Society’s first Research Briefing was published last month which explored the reasons why men are less likely than women to go vegan. The publication, titled Research Briefing: Veganism and Masculinity, provides a succinct overview of the topic, offering key recommendations for professional practice and identifying potential opportunities for future research. Main barriers The Research Briefing and its key recommendations were informed through careful consideration of current literature and research into effective campaign strategies. We found that the main barriers men face when going vegan are social stigma …


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Data Shows Number of “Plant-Based” Job Listings Increased 32% in Q2

More companies are hiring for positions related to the plant-based industry, reports Just Food. From April to July 2023, the number of open jobs advertised in this segment of the consumer goods sector increased by almost a third, suggesting a possible rise in interest in plant-based foods’ future growth prospects. Using insights obtained from GlobalData’s Job Analytics database, which tracks daily job postings across multiple industries, analysts found there were 596 “active” job listings posted by consumer-sector companies that were linked to the plant-based diet. The listings were published from April 14 to July 13, representing a 32% increase from the previous 90 days. Analysts also found a 4% increase in active job postings related to health and wellness, which represented about 4,460 positions.  According …


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Ecotricity Founder to Launch “World’s First” Electric Airline, Serving Only Plant-Based Meals

Dale Vince, the founder of British renewable energy firm Ecotricity, has announced plans to launch what he claims will be the world’s first electric airline. Called Ecojet, the airline will use conventional planes retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains. On-board fuel cells will produce electricity by mixing hydrogen with oxygen from the air, producing only water as a byproduct. This will generate the same power output as conventional aircraft, but with a one-hundred percent reduction in CO2 emissions. There will also be other carbon-saving measures on board; all inflight meals will be plant-based, there will be no single-use plastic, and staff members will be issued with eco-friendly uniforms. Ecojet flights will begin next year between Edinburgh and Southampton, though conventional fuel will initially be used to help …


Meatless Week (Week Zonder Vlees will launch in Belgium for the first time

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Successful Dutch Meatless Week Campaign Launches for the First Time in Belgium as Semaine Sans Viande

Meatless Week (Week Zonder Vlees), a campaign encouraging Dutch citizens to give up meat for a week and try plant-based alternatives, will launch for the first time in Belgium as Semaine Sans Viande from the 23rd to the 29th of October 2023.  Week Zonder Vlees is a foundation created by the food blogger Isabel Boerdam in The Netherlands to accelerate the path towards a more plant-based diet into concrete actions with directly measurable results. The project aims to raise awareness of the positive impact of a meat-free diet on human health and its potential to contribute to the 2030 climate goals. “Meatless Week challenges you to give up meat for a week and choose unexpected alternatives. It’s the perfect opportunity to taste and experiment with plant-based foods …


Palm PR petition against Trading Standards

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Plant-Based Brands Rally Behind PR Firm’s Campaign for Trading Standards to Permit Dairy-Related Terms

An initiative has been undertaken to counter the Trading Standards’ issuance of guidelines that prohibit plant-based brands from employing dairy-associated terminology such as “mylk,” “sheese,” and “b+tter”. Palm PR, a Food & Drink Public Relations agency, has spearheaded this campaign, launching a petition that endeavours to safeguard the marketing practices of vegan brands. The campaign has commenced by means of a petition hosted on and has already garnered support from prominent entities such as The Vegan Society and vegan charity Viva!, along with numerous enterprises and influential figures within the field. Palm PR’s short-term aim is for the petition to prevent Trading Standards from issuing guidelines preventing plant-based brands from using dairy-related terms. In the long term, the firm hopes that the campaign will …


Tabitha Brown Target Food Collection Coming Back


Tabitha Brown’s Target Food Collection Will Return in 2024 For the Entire Year

Superstar influencer Tabitha Brown reveals her best-selling vegan food collection will return to Target stores next year, following an extremely popular limited-time release in January. Speaking onstage at the ESSENCE Festival of Culture 2023, Brown also said the collection will be expanded to include more items and will be available year-round in 2024.  Brown, who regularly promotes her vegan lifestyle to millions of fans on Instagram and TikTok, first launched an extensive food collection at Target on January 8. The line, which featured 40 products including plant-based burgers, sausages, spreads, cream cheese, ravioli, snacks and soup, became an immediate hit and sold out in Target stores across the country.  Speaking at the ESSENCE Festival on July 1, Brown thanked her fans for making the launch …


Vegan Breakfast Bagel on United Airlines

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United Airlines Now Offering a Vegan Breakfast Bagel Featuring JUST Egg

United Airlines has expanded its plant-based food options with a new Vegan Breakfast Bagel on US domestic flights. Featuring a JUST Egg patty, the bagel is available on flights exceeding 1,190 miles.  Warm meal option According to United Airlines, the Vegan Breakfast Bagel is made with JUST Egg, vegan cheese and a harissa spread served on a bagel. The item is featured in the airline’s “Bistro on Board” menu and according to JUST Egg parent company Eat Just, the bagel has already received very positive feedback from consumers. The item is the latest plant-based offering by United Airlines, which in 2022 announced plans to begin providing airline customers with more plant-based options.  Last year, the airline partnered with Impossible Foods to introduce Impossible Meatballs to …


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Michelin Chefs Unveil ‘Poe & Co. Folk Foods’: Gourmet Vegan Camping Cuisine

Husband and wife duo Jamie and Jayson Poe, both Michelin-trained chefs, have launched Poe & Co. Folk Foods, a line of gourmet, plant-based, just-add-water camping meals, an offshoot of Santa Barbara-based catering and meal delivery business Poe & Co which was established in 2018. Poe & Co has earned a reputation due to the pair’s fine-dining culinary talents and has amassed a celebrity clientele, owing to the founders’ high-end experience at establishments including Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, The Four Seasons Hotel, Restaurant Daniel, and Solbar Calistoga. Seemingly carving out a new niche in luxury vegan camping food, the founders have created a line of better-for-you dishes which can be consumed straight out of the pouch simply with the addition of water. Bringing Michelin quality …


US hospitals offer more plant-based options

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How US Hospitals Are Using Stealth Strategies to Reduce Patients’ Meat Consumption

US hospitals may have cracked the code when it comes to convincing patients to eat more healthy, sustainable, plant-based meals. After years of struggling to get patients interested in vegan options or Meatless Mondays, healthcare providers have realized that describing meals as “vegetarian” or “vegan” can be off-putting. Since most patients do not identify with these labels, they believe the food is not for them and continue to choose more conventional options. The solution? Some hospitals, such as Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Boston, Massachusettes, are emphasizing what is included in the dish rather than what isn’t. Menu options are described with reference to their flavor and other benefits, with no direct mention of the fact that they do not contain meat. Additionally, meat …


University of Kent catering

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UK’s Kent University Votes For 100% Plant-Based Catering by 2027

Students at Kent University have voted for a transition to 100% plant-based catering from 2027 in a proposal that aims to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. The policy motion, voted for by 450 students at Kent University, will now be discussed by the university’s Board of Trustees.   The Plant-Based Universities campaign has witnessed increasing success in the UK, with the universities of Birmingham, Stirling, and Cambridge voting for fully plant-based menus. The move closely follows news from earlier this week that Brakes, the UK’s leading food wholesale supplier, has launched an initiative urging educational settings to serve plant-forward meals. “A plant-forward approach is a virtuous circle providing a sustainable, healthy, and cost-effective way of catering,” said Lisa Johnson, sector marketing manager …


Chris Paul Plant-Based Investor

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NBA Icon Chris Paul Becomes Investor in “Global Impact Brand” Wicked Kitchen

Plant-based CPG brand Wicked Kitchen announces basketball superstar Chris Paul has joined the company as an investor. Paul joined the brand after originally investing in alt-seafood startup Current Foods, which Wicked Kitchen acquired in May.  A 10-time NBA All-Star, Paul transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2019 and credits the change with enhancing his on-court performance and improving his recovery time. Paul has become a passionate advocate for the vegan lifestyle and also invested in plant-based brands Umaro Foods, Misha’s, and Koia protein shakes.  In 2022, Paul partnered with delivery service GoPuff to launch his own line of plant-based chips and snacks, Good Eat’n.  Accelerating growth With one of the plant-based industry’s most extensive ranges of packaged foods, Wicked Foods’ products can currently be found …