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Zrou Launches Seven New Products Created by Chinese Celebrity Chefs

Zrou, YouKuai Group’s plant-based protein brand, has launched a series of seven reheatable products created by five Chinese celebrity chefs; Jereme Leung, Dong Li, Chunfeng Lu, Hu Zhang and Anthony Zhao. Shanghai based Zrou says it is the the leading plant-based meat brand in China. The company raised $7.3 million in Series A last May when founder Franklin Yao compared his company to Tesla: “When Tesla first started 10 years ago, it didn’t try to target everybody with its cars. But its end goal was that every vehicle should be an electric car. It is very similar to what we are doing.” The seven new products created from Zrou’s flagship minced pork include dumplings, buns, Lu Rou rice, Peking Zha Jiang noodles and Singapore curry meatballs, with …


Patrik Baboumian eating GREENFORCE

Patrik Baboumian ©GREENFORCE

Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian Brings “Game-Changing” GREENFORCE to UK

German food tech start-up, GREENFORCE, has today launched officially in the UK, with the move being endorsed by world record-breaking vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian.  After success across Northern Europe, plant-based meat brand GREENFORCE will bring its powdered vegan burgers, meatballs, sausages, and mince to the rapidly-expanding UK plant-based market. The ‘powder-to-meat’ concept enables a longer shelf-life and greater sustainability while avoiding an energy-intensive supply chain.  Game Changer Patrik Baboumian Vegan athlete Patrik Baboumian – famous for his role in plant-based nutrition documentary The Game Changers – serves as lead brand ambassador for climate-neutral company GREENFORCE, which recently secured €15 million to accelerate growth and international expansion. Baboumian is a passionate activist in the space and has previously endorsed plant-based producer Upfield – owner of Violife …


Tabitha Brown Orro Plant-Based Beverages


Meet Orro: Vegan Meal Replacement Brand by TikTok Star Tabitha Brown

There are countless protein shakes available on the market, but orro, a fully vegan and clean-label meal replacement beverage, was created to offer something different. Launched in early 2021, orro sells plant-based “Mini-Meal” solutions – nutritionally complete beverages designed to provide ample energy and fullness in a healthy, pre-portioned package. According to the company, what sets orro apart from most meal replacement drinks is the brand’s total commitment to clean ingredients.  A healthy option between meals Made from pea protein, orro’s beverages are available in Vanilla and Chocolate varieties and are completely free of GMOs, artificial sweeteners, lactose, soy, gluten and other allergens. Each drink provides 16 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, and is meant to easily replace a whole meal or snack …



Host of Celebrity Investors See Future in Kelp as New York’s AKUA Secures $3.2M

After launching what it claims to be the first-ever burger made from kelp, New York-based alt-meat brand AKUA has now announced an impressive $3.2 million seed round. The kelp specialist looks set to find a prominent niche in the alt meat landscape as it promotes regenerative ocean farming.  “The first wave of plant-based eating was the Boca Burger, beans and tofu. The second wave is Impossible and Beyond, and the third wave is going to be the return to whole foods and clean eating” The funding round included a host of venture funds as well as New England Patriots coach and former linebacker Jerod Mayo, beauty founder Cristina Carlino, SmartyPants CEO Courtney Nichols Gould, and Sir Kensington’s co-founder Brandon Child. The seed round brings AKUA’s …


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Celebrity Opens Devil’s Kitchen to Disrupt School Dinners

Dale Vince OBE Is this week launching a vegan food factory in the South West of England, to supply plant-based vegan food to schools. The entrepreneur is famous for founding the green energy supplier Ecotricity, and for being the Club Chairman and major shareholder of Forest Green Rovers Football Club, which claims to be the only plant-based football club in the world and has earned the vegan seal of approval from The Vegan Society.


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Califia Farms Secures over $50 Million From Celebrity Investors

Califia Farms, the well-known Los Angeles based natural beverage company, have announced a new round of funding which they have received to the tune of over $50 million. The plant-based milk market is set to exceed $34 billion by 2024, thanks to the enormous success in the global natural milk producers, and in particular Califia Farms, who have been enjoying exponential growth with their plant milks, creamers, juices and probiotic yogurts.