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Germany’s Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture Association Celebrates 5 Years of Promoting Animal-Free Farming Practices

The German Association for the Promotion of Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture, Förderkreis Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau e.V., recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, raising awareness of the advantages of organic vegan farming.  Founded and based in Berlin, the “Förderkreis” collaborates with international partner organizations in the Biocyclic Vegan International network. Its goal is to provide education in German-speaking countries on farming without the use of commercial livestock, animal slaughter, chemical fertilizers, or animal inputs. Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture aims to establish a new human-animal relationship in the agricultural sector. The German non-profit also advises gardeners and farmers on the practices that must be followed to obtain the IFOAM-accredited Biocyclic Vegan Standard. This label identifies the products as ‘vegan from the field’.   Over the past five years, the “Förderkreis” has made significant progress in raising awareness and …


Legume Generation

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Legume Generation: Working to Reduce the Protein Gap in Europe

According to agricultural experts, Europe needs better legumes so that farmers can meet the demand for plant protein and support a protein transition. Against this background, 50 scientists and plant breeders recently met at the Leibniz Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) in Gatersleben, Germany. They are members of the Legume Generation consortium, which recently received €7 million in funding from the European Union and the United Kingdom. The total value of the new project is 8.6 million euros. The aim of the Legume Generation project, which runs from September 2023 to February 2028, is to reduce the European protein deficit by promoting the breeding of legumes that will make European agriculture more productive and profitable. The consortium is led by Dr. …


Wagamama veganuary

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Wagamama, Beyond Meat, and Wicked Kitchen Join New ’50 by 25′ Sustainable Dining Campaign

Animal rights charity Viva! and Emma Osborne, founder of Citizen Kind, have together launched a large-scale, two-year long initiative centred around sustainable dining called 50 by 25, which urges restaurants to make 50% of their menu plant-based by the end of 2025. Restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, food brands, distributors, wholesalers, professional chefs, and delivery services will all play an important role in kicking off this UK-based campaign. Brands Wagamama, Beyond Meat, and Wicked Kitchen have already pledged their support, joined by celebrities such as plant-based chef Derek Sarno, co-founder of Wicked Kitchen, and the multi-award-winning French chef (turned vegan) Alexis Gauthier. Wagamama’s menu is already 50% plant-based, and the 50 by 25 campaign is now calling for other restaurants to follow suit. As part of the …


Pope Francis with crowds

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Sustainable Earth Eating Calls on Pope Francis to Reinstate Meatless Friday

Sustainable Earth Eating has officially addressed Pope Francis and called on him to reinstate the tradition of Meatless Friday in the Catholic Church. The missive arrives to coincide with Pope Francis‘ imminent participation in the yearly UN-IPCC climate conference, during which he may assume a pivotal role in advocating for climate action. The traditional custom of Meatless Friday, which has its roots in the Catholic Church, has historically encouraged adherents to refrain from consuming meat on Fridays as a means of engaging in penance and contemplation. This practice has yielded a profound influence in curbing meat consumption and fostering sustainable, ecologically responsible dietary practices. As a supporter of climate protection, Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken out in favor of environmental protection and sustainable practices. In …


A men cutting vegetables ion a wooden board in a kitchen

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New Survey Reveals Over 40% of UK Men Express Interest in Vegan Diet

Today, coinciding with World Vegan Day, The Vegan Society has revealed “encouraging” figures from its latest research showing that 41% of UK males (in the sample group) express an interest in going vegan or have said they are planning to do so. Veganism has gained popularity in the last decade, particularly in the UK; however, only 37% of the UK vegan population are men. Aware of this fact, The Vegan Society has been researching the gender imbalance in vegan and vegetarian populations to understand why men are less likely to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  Young men, traditional masculinity, and health For this new research, the organisation surveyed 1,000 men in the UK, questioning their views on adopting vegan diets and the potential barriers to veganism. The survey shows that from …


Adfree Cities aims to end meat advertising in the UK

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Adfree Cities Calls for Meat Advertising to Be Banned in the UK

Adfree Cities, a network of groups challenging corporate outdoor advertising, is calling for meat advertising to be banned in the UK. The campaigners point out that most animal products are produced through intensive farming, which they say “causes immeasurable suffering and inflicts colossal damage on nature and the climate”. They argue that since tobacco advertising has been banned due to the harm it causes, the same should apply to meat. The Cows Aren’t Laughing To accompany the campaign, Adfree Cities has published a report called The Cows Aren’t Laughing, outlining nine tactics commonly used by advertisers to obscure the realities of meat, dairy, and egg production. They are: Keep it secret — Hide the fact that the vast majority of farmed animals are raised on …


Lambeth borough endorses the Plant Based Treaty

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Lambeth Becomes First London Borough to Endorse Global Plant Based Treaty

Lambeth has become the first borough of London, UK, to endorse the global Plant Based Treaty in an attempt to cut food-related emissions. As part of the endorsement, Lambeth Council has pledged to improve access to plant-based foods among residents, with the aim of promoting food security and better health as well as lower emissions. Vulnerable households will receive vouchers to buy fresh local produce, while fruit and vegetable intake will be promoted to children through school activities. The council will also measure its food-related emissions and work to reduce them; this will include lowering the consumption of animal products at council-run events. Businesses that prioritise sustainable agriculture practices and food procurement will be supported, while council communications channels will be used to promote sustainable …


the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark has unveiled its national action plan for plant-based foods.

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Denmark Becomes the First Country to Develop a National Action Plan to Promote Plant-Based Foods

The Good Food Institute Europe has announced that the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark has released its national action plan for plant-based foods. Denmark is the first country to develop such a strategy to strengthen and promote the country’s plant-based sector as part of the necessary shift toward climate-friendly diets — setting a global standard for climate action. Acacia Smith, senior policy manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, said: “Europe is the world’s biggest market for plant-based meat, and to take advantage of this growing industry – as well as to boost food security and create future-proof green jobs – other national governments across the continent should follow the Danish lead.” The long-awaited national action plan is part of the 2021 climate agreement to reduce …


Veganuary participants

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80% of Veganuary Participants Have Reduced Their Animal Product Consumption by Over 50%

Veganuary, the campaign encouraging people to try a vegan diet for the month of January, has published the results of its six-month follow-up survey for 2023. 98% of Veganuary participants said they were eating fewer animal products than before they took part in the campaign, while 80% had reduced their animal product consumption by 50% or more. 28% had opted to remain fully vegan; the biggest motivator for this group was learning more about veganism, followed by discovering that being vegan was easier than expected. Better health was also an important factor, with over 60% of participants seeing improvements in this area. 58% had more energy, 51% said their skin appearance had improved, and 43% saw a positive impact on their body weight. Of those …


Meatless Monday logo

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Meatless Monday Celebrates 20 Years of Promoting Reduced Meat Consumption

Public health campaign Meatless Monday celebrates its 20th anniversary, commemorating two decades of promoting reduced meat consumption for the betterment of personal and environmental health.  Founded in 2003 by advertising executive Sid Lerner and Dr. Bob Lawrence, the campaign combines a straightforward advertising approach with science-backed resources, advocating a simple idea – abstaining from meat one day a week can have a substantial positive impact. Dana Smith, campaign director at Meatless Monday, reflected on the campaign’s journey, stating, “Twenty years ago, Meatless Monday launched at a time when no one talked about meat reduction as a public health and a climate solution.”  Meatless Monday’s open-source model, offering free resources and toolkits, has enabled institutions to launch their own campaigns, customizing them to suit their audiences. …


UK-born charity Veganuary has opened its eighth country chapter in Spain.

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Veganuary Opens Office in Spain to Continue the Campaign’s Global Expansion, Vegan Actor Dani Rovira Becomes Supporter

UK-born charity Veganuary, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, announces it has opened its eighth country chapter in Spain. Moreover, the Spanish actor Dani Rovira recently joined Veganuary as a supporter to spread the message and importance of veganism. With the climate crisis making headlines almost daily, the organization says it is intensifying its efforts to promote planet-friendly vegan diets worldwide. Besides the new office in Spain, the charity has chapters in seven countries: the UK, USA, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and India. In addition, it has partner organizations in Mexico, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and Singapore to run official campaigns and make veganism mainstream. Amanda Romero, the new director for Veganuary Spain, shares that more than five million people, representing 13% of the …


Plant Based Universities

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850+ Academics, Politicians, and Public Figures Demand Vegan Catering in UK Universities

The Plant-Based Universities campaign has sent an open letter to university vice-chancellors, catering managers, and student union presidents across the UK, calling for a transition to 100% plant-based catering in UK universities.  The open letter, supported by over 850 academics, politicians, and public figures, including Chris Packham, Etienne Stott MBE, and George Monbiot, marks one of the largest instances of academic endorsement for a plant-based food system.  Urgency of change Michelle Farnham of the Plant-Based Universities campaign emphasized the urgency of the call, saying, “This open letter should be a clear message to universities across the UK and beyond that the time for bold and decisive change is now.” Chris Packham, a well-known broadcaster and environmentalist, expressed his support, stating, “The student campaigners of Plant-Based …


National Plant-Based Youth Steering Committee

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National Plant-Based Youth Advocates Make History on Capitol Hill

In a groundbreaking movement, the National Plant-Based Youth Steering Committee (YSC) achieved a monumental stride in its mission. Established in 2022 by the Healthy Future Students and Earth Coalition, the YSC is made up of diverse students from across the United States who share a commitment to promoting accessible, nutritious plant-based foods in schools, all while striving to address systemic inequalities. United in their values and driven by the pressing need to combat climate change, the YSC is a group of young activists determined to make a positive impact and facilitate transformative change for youth across America.  The committee centers on the voices of black, indigenous, people of color, and low-income students who are most impacted by school meal programs and climate change, focusing on …


Sorted Food & Prince William

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Celebrities Offer £1M for Prince William to Add Plant-Based Category to Earthshot Prize

A league of high-profile media figures, including three Oscar winners, have written an open letter to Prince William, head of The Royal Foundation‘s Earthshot Prize, which rewards £1 million to five businesses working on environmental projects so that they can continue their endeavors. One prize last year was awarded to NotPla, innovators in algae-based alternatives to plastic. The letter urges the organizers to include a new category that rewards innovations in plant-based food for their role in protecting the planet. Along with the request for the establishment of an “Advance a Plant-Based Food System” category, the £1 million prize for this category has been offered by international NGO Generation Vegan. The open letter begins: Your Royal Highness Prince William, Earthshot Prize Council Member Sir David …


Meatless Week (Week Zonder Vlees will launch in Belgium for the first time

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Successful Dutch Meatless Week Campaign Launches for the First Time in Belgium as Semaine Sans Viande

Meatless Week (Week Zonder Vlees), a campaign encouraging Dutch citizens to give up meat for a week and try plant-based alternatives, will launch for the first time in Belgium as Semaine Sans Viande from the 23rd to the 29th of October 2023.  Week Zonder Vlees is a foundation created by the food blogger Isabel Boerdam in The Netherlands to accelerate the path towards a more plant-based diet into concrete actions with directly measurable results. The project aims to raise awareness of the positive impact of a meat-free diet on human health and its potential to contribute to the 2030 climate goals. “Meatless Week challenges you to give up meat for a week and choose unexpected alternatives. It’s the perfect opportunity to taste and experiment with plant-based foods …


Palm PR petition against Trading Standards

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Plant-Based Brands Rally Behind PR Firm’s Campaign for Trading Standards to Permit Dairy-Related Terms

An initiative has been undertaken to counter the Trading Standards’ issuance of guidelines that prohibit plant-based brands from employing dairy-associated terminology such as “mylk,” “sheese,” and “b+tter”. Palm PR, a Food & Drink Public Relations agency, has spearheaded this campaign, launching a petition that endeavours to safeguard the marketing practices of vegan brands. The campaign has commenced by means of a petition hosted on change.org and has already garnered support from prominent entities such as The Vegan Society and vegan charity Viva!, along with numerous enterprises and influential figures within the field. Palm PR’s short-term aim is for the petition to prevent Trading Standards from issuing guidelines preventing plant-based brands from using dairy-related terms. In the long term, the firm hopes that the campaign will …


Ignacia Uribe of Vegetarianos Hoy

Ignacia Uribe, Vegetarianos Hoy, image supplied

Vegetarianos Hoy: “The Vegan Movement in Latin America is Getting Stronger”

Santiago, Chile-based Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy (translating as Vegetarians Today) is an international organization working in Latin America to promote plant-based diets and to reduce the suffering of animals considered to be production animals. Vegetarianos Hoy has worked to certify products with its Sello Vegano (“vegan seal”) since 2013 and with V-Label since 2018, in Chile and other Latin American countries. We were pleased to speak with founder and CEO Ignacia Uribe about all of the great work that her organization is carrying out in LATAM and in particular Chile, where their recent survey with Ipsos found that an impressive 73% of Chileans are interested in plant-based products. Please introduce Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy, what does the organization stand for? We are an international non-profit working in …


Beans is How campaign

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Google & the Bezos Earth Fund Want the World to Eat Twice as Many Beans

Over 40 organizations, including Google, the Bezos Earth Fund, and ProVeg International, have joined forces for a new campaign called Beans is How. Google and the Bezos Earth Fund are on the campaign’s “Bean Board”, helping to determine the steps that need to be taken, while ProVeg is raising awareness to help achieve the goals. Other organizations involved include The World Bean Council, the United Nations Foundation, and the Kraft Heinz Company. The campaign will work to double legume consumption worldwide by 2028 in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Beans release 90% fewer harmful gases than some animal-based foods. They are also a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and are extremely affordable. This makes them an excellent alternative to meat, and …


Hot dogs at the Bonn Climate Conference

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Climate Activists Distribute 2000 Free Vegan Hotdogs at Bonn Climate Conference

Plant Based Treaty campaigners have handed out 2000 free vegan hotdogs from a food truck outside the Bonn Climate Conference, sending delegates a message that food system change is essential in tackling the climate crisis. The campaign group also handed delegates over 100 copies of its newly-published position paper, 21 Cities Call for a Global Plant Based Treaty. The paper outlines the immediate cuts required to emissions from animal agriculture and fossil fuels to prevent climate breakdown. “We started the vegan Food for Thought truck as a way to engage with the public and decision-makers about sustainable plant-based diets. Plant-based food not only has the smallest environmental and climate footprint but offers familiar dishes that are very tasty,” said campaigner Lea Goodett. It comes as …


Two brown cows/ cattle

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Animal Rights Switzerland Sets Out Vision to Make the Country Vegan

Campaign group Animal Rights Switzerland has launched a project outlining how the country could become animal-friendly. The group describes how meat and dairy products could be produced through cultivation and fermentation technologies, removing the need for animal agriculture. Slaughterhouses could then be repurposed, or turned into museums. Recreational fishermen could remove litter from rivers rather than catching fish, or focus on monitoring and photographing aquatic life. Contraceptives could be used to prevent wild animals such as deer from becoming overpopulated, removing the need for hunting. To make clothing, leather and petroleum-derived materials would be replaced with alternatives such as mushroom or apple leather, and plant-based alternatives to wool would also be used. Animal protection laws would be updated to totally forbid harming and killing animals. …