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Veganuary 2023 Breaks Records with 700,000 Participants Trying Vegan Diet

Veganuary 2023 has broken all previous records with more registered participants than ever, with 706,965 people officially signing up for the vegan diet challenge from nearly every country in the world, reports the organisation. At the beginning of the month, the international charity announced that one person every 2.4 seconds was signing up for the diet challenge. With this year’s participation figures, Veganuary can joyously celebrate the 10th year of its global campaign, supported by actress Lucy Watson and famous French restaurateur Alexis Gauthier who became official Ambassadors for the charity this year. Participation could be significantly larger According to Veganuary, several studies have suggested that the total participation in the challenge is significantly larger than the number of registered people through Veganuary’s website.  In a YouGov survey conducted this …


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Study Reveals Impact of Veganuary in UK and Netherlands

Marketing research firm Toluna surveyed consumers in the Netherlands and the UK on the impact of Veganuary on their diets in 2023. To find out just how much the trend has caught on, the Toluna Germany team conducted a survey of Veganuary participants in the UK and the Netherlands for the second year running. The results of the survey, which was conducted among consumers on 21 and 22 January, show that the consumption of vegan food continues to rise. Participation and overall impact In the 2022 Toluna Veganuary study, an increase in popularity was noted compared to 2021. However, this figure stagnated in 2023. In the UK, 54% of consumers said they were thinking about participating in the Veganuary – similar to the 55% who …


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GenV Accuses Rishi Sunak of Stonewalling as He Refuses Vegan Challenge

After challenging British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for a month in exchange for a £1 million charity donation, international organisation Generation Vegan (GenV) has finally received a response. Penned by government representative MP Mark Spencer (who also happens to be a beef, lamb, and egg farmer), the letter states that the government is already taking all necessary steps “to ensure greater environmental sustainability” and “towards achieving our 25 Year Environment Plan ambitions and our carbon net zero goals”. The implication is that Sunak will not accept the challenge. The offer expires today, and GenV has joined forces with supporters such as nutritionist Dr. Gemma Newman to film a video making a final plea to the Prime Minster. The clip emphasises the benefits …


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Campaign by Vegan Friendly UK Highlights Number of Animals Killed for Human Consumption

The UK branch of international nonprofit Vegan Friendly has launched an ad campaign at Oxford Circus station on the London Underground. The advertisement, which is expected to reach 2.5 million people, highlights that 322,860 animals will be killed for food worldwide in the eight seconds it takes to read the text. It has been placed in the middle of the westbound Central Line platform, one of the highest footfall areas in London. Vegan Friendly hopes the ad will help the public understand the impact of buying animal products. The organisation said it believed that consumers would be reluctant to support animal agriculture if they knew the truth about the way animals are treated. First of many campaigns Vegan Friendly was founded in Israel in 2012, …


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Just Eat Joins Veganuary, Reveals 12% of Spanish Consumers Participate in the Challenge

Just Eat, a food delivery platform operating in more than 20 countries, has joined Veganuary 2023 by adding a new section for veggie options to its app to promote and increase vegetable consumption during January. Spanish consumers practicing Veganuary Just Eat conducted a survey with IPSOS Digital to provide data on Spanish consumers’ attitudes toward following a plant-based diet, revealing that 12% of Spanish consumers were practicing Veganuary. The study also showed that 17% of Spanish consumers have already reduced their meat intake in their regular diet. Furthermore, according to the study, the main reasons for eating vegan or vegetarian food among the respondents were: taste (38%), health (36%), and sustainability (26%).  “This shows that the prejudice towards this type of food is decreasing and clearly reflects the global …


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Edinburgh Becomes First European Capital to Join the Plant Based Treaty in Response to the Climate Emergency

Edinburgh becomes the first Scottish city and the first European capital to join the Plant Based Treaty initiative in response to the climate emergency. Haywards Heath in the UK, Boynton Beach in Florida, Los Angeles, Rosario in Argentina, one city in Turkey, and fourteen cities in India have joined The Plant Based Treaty. Since its launch in August 2021, the initiative has received support from 70,000 individual endorsers, 5 Nobel laureates, IPCC scientists, more than 1000 NGOs, and 1000 businesses. Green Councillor Steve Burgess presented the Plant Based Treaty to The City Council of Edinburgh, which voted unanimously to produce an impact assessment on the implications of endorsing The Treaty. The finalized report shows that “meat and dairy consumption must reduce to achieve climate targets” because food-related emissions and …


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Gen V: “Our World Leaders Need to Be Held Accountable for Fulfilling Their Promises”

Today, campaigners from international NGO Generation Vegan (GenV) are carrying out a publicity stunt in London, driving tractors around Parliament Square and past Downing Street in an effort to persuade Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for one month for a £1 million charity donation. Attached to the tractors are giant inflatables of a globe, a million-pound coin, a cow, and the Prime Minister himself. Over the weekend, a 25-feet high mural was painted in Shoreditch (pictured below), by the campaign organisers who will also drop a banner in a prominent location as well as march in a carnival-style procession to Downing Street, distributing hundreds of free vegan meals made by VFC. As yet, the Prime Minister has failed to respond. We spoke with …


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Veganuary in Spain and LATAM: More Than 80 Promotions and Discounts Available

During the 2023 Veganuary campaign, more than 80 brands, restaurants and retailers from Spain, Mexico and South America are participating with discounts and a wide range of vegan offerings to motivate those who may be trying a vegan or plant-based lifestyle for the first time. In Spain: Subway, VeggiAnimals, Vegan Food Club and Revolu Green! are some of the brands with the biggest vegan offerings during January In Chile: NotCo, Jumbo, Papa Johns, Yoguen Fruz, Vilay and Vegusta, will be offering significant discounts In Mexico: Mr. Tofu will have discounts on its own brands as well as Daiya and Better Balance In Argentina: Hiper Changomas and Más Online Supermercado will offer more than 100 discounted products for Veganuary In Ecuador: Veggie Lover In Colombia: Cero …


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Veganuary: “Businesses That Do Not Embrace Plant-Based Products Are Simply Not Going to Survive”

Veganuary, as surely all of our readers will be aware, is already in full swing and promises to be far bigger and more impactful than ever before. As we reported just yesterday, one person is signing up every 2.4 seconds to take part in the vegan pledge, and, impressively, 9% of UK adults have tried the challenge at least once, which based on the current population, is estimated at approximately six million people. Not forgetting that in the US, Billie Eilish recently supported the campaign and asked her 107 million followers to sign up! It’s been two years since we last chatted with International Head of Communications and Marketing Toni Vernelli, so we had to grill this busy lady on what’s happening now and upcoming …


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Welsh Pub Becomes “World’s First” Vegan Steakhouse

This time last year, The Queen Inn pub in South Wales took the chance of going fully vegan for Veganuary and the success was so incredible that the traditional family pub made the decision to become permanently vegan, much to the surprise of most of its regular clientele. To celebrate a phenomenally successful first year of being a 100% plant-based establishment, and to mark the pub’s second Veganuary; Ryan Edwards, who operates the pub with parents Jane and Gareth, came up with a groundbreaking concept which could very well be the first in the world. A Welsh world’s first? The theme for the month, and one which will continue in future depending on demand, is the World’s First Vegan Steakhouse. Since the Queen Inn was …


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Mars, Just Eat, the MoD & the NHS On Why They Are Embracing the Veganuary Workplace Challenge

Veganuary reveals the latest in the currently 80+ strong list of organisations signing up for this year’s Veganuary Workplace Challenge. So far this year, we have reported on new vegan food service offerings from McDonald’s, Burger King, Heavenly Desserts, Hungry Horse pubs, Wagamama, Domino’s (in Germany and UK), and Sushi Daily; as well as new vegan NPDs from Heinz, Cauldron Foods and THIS. Additionally, further news came through today with new plant-based menu items at high street chains Starbucks and Greggs. Some of UK’s largest organisations sign up Veganuary today reports that Suffolk County Council; NHS Supply Chain: Food; the MoD; London North East Railway; Odeon Cinemas; Mars Food Europe; Just Eat Takeaway and Jude’s ice cream are also joining the 80+ organisations joining Veganuary’s …


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GenV and Animal Rebellion Plan Huge PR Stunt With March to Parliament & Downing Street

As part of its campaign offering UK prime minister Rishi Sunak £1 million to go vegan for a month, charity GenV is set to conduct a major media stunt in central London next week. When politicians return to Parliament on January 9, they will be greeted by five large tractors driving in loops past 10 Downing Street and through Westminster. Above the tractors, there will be inflatables shaped like a burning planet Earth, a cow, a £1M symbol, Rishi Sunak, and the GenV logo. March to Downing Street with vegan food There will also be a banner on Parliament Bridge with the message “GO VEGAN RISHI SUNAK”. The banner will be visible from all south-facing windows in Parliament. Next, over 50 volunteers from GenV and …



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LikeMeat Partners With Germany’s Rail Company Deutsche Bahn for Veganuary

A year after its Veganuary campaign with Rammstein, plant-based meat brand LikeMeat announces that for this Veganuary it has a new partner at its side in the form of national rail company Deutsche Bahn. Vegan meals are already offered in the on-board restaurants and on-board bistros of German long-distance transport. This year, Deutsche Bahn will participate in Veganuary for the first time and expand its range of purely plant-based dishes for the month of January. “In January, we combine climate-friendly travel and sustainable nutrition. With our participation in the Veganuary, we are inviting our customers to simply try out the vegan version of our classics in the on-board catering,” says Stefanie Berk, Head of Marketing at DB Fernverkehr. Passengers will have the opportunity to try …


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Veganuary USA Launches With New Streaming Ad, Billie Eilish, NYC Dining, More Brand Partnerships

Global vegan challenge Veganuary, now in its 10th year, is launching its biggest US campaign yet with a new streaming ad and dozens of celebrity, restaurant and brand partners, including pop superstar Billie Eilish.  The organization, which encourages people to try vegan for January and beyond, recently released “Pink Boombox” – a humorous ad that inspires viewers to try delicious plant-based food in the new year. The PSA will run on TV stations in Atlanta, in New York City restaurants and gyms (via Atmosphere TV), and on Amazon streaming services. Similar ads will also be promoted on New York City’s subways. Notably, NYC is also taking part in Veganuary this year by welcoming its first-ever Vegan Dining Month. In addition, Veganuary’s new podcast series launches …


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GenV Offers UK PM Rishi Sunak £1M to Go Vegan for One Month

The international vegan charity Generation Vegan (GenV), which rebranded from its former name of Million Dollar Vegan last August, recently launched its latest campaign offering UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak £1 million to go vegan for one month “for the sake of animals, the planet, wild places, our planet, our health, our farmers, and our future.” In a letter sent to Downing Street on Wednesday, Naomi Hallum, chief executive of Vegan Generation, wrote: “We would like to donate £1m to a charity of your choice in return for adopting a plant-based diet for a month.” London Billboards, full-page newspaper ads Billboards at Westminster Underground Station and full-page adverts in four major UK newspapers are featuring ads through the first ten days of the new year, …