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Veganuary: “The Veganuary Campaign Has Played a Significant Role in Making Veganism More Mainstream”

The Veganuary campaign, a non-profit encouraging the public to go vegan for January and beyond, has seen millions of participants from almost every country in the world since its inception in 2014 – it is a global movement that significantly impacts vegan business: more than 600 brands, restaurants, and supermarkets promoted the campaign 2021, launching more than 825 new vegan products! Aside from the charity’s incredible influence on plant-based business, the results from its six-month follow-up survey of Veganuary 2021 participants revealed a permanent reduction in meat consumption for a large majority, with 68% also reporting health benefits including more energy, better skin and improved mood. Veganuary is an absolute inspiration and a force to be reckoned with, and we were delighted to catch up …


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Venus Williams. © Veganuary

Veganuary 2022 Backed by Stars Including Joanna Lumley, Venus Williams & Bryan Adams

Veganuary 2022 backed by stars from across the globe, as campaign urges the public to “take climate action into your own hands”. Next year’s Veganuary campaign, which urges people to try a vegan diet for the month of January, will be supported by a huge lineup of celebrities. Actor Joanna Lumley and poet Benjamin Zephaniah will join New York mayor Eric Adams, renowned chef Matthew Kenney, and businesswoman Deborah Meaden of Dragons’ Den. All Veganuary participants will receive the campaign’s cookbook, which in 2022 will contain recipes from tennis player Venus Williams, ethologist Jane Goodall, musician Bryan Adams and more. Additionally, the campaign video will feature TV presenters Chris Packham and Jasmine Harman alongside soap stars Eva O’Hara and James Moore. The impact of Veganuary …


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Vegan Charity Viva! Launches Crowdfunding to Spread TV Message to 16M Viewers

Vegan charity Viva! has launched a crowdfunding campaign to broadcast its first vegan ad on UK television. Funds raised by the campaign will be used to show the impactful advert on Channel 4 and its associated networks in February 2022.  “Most people in the UK despise cruelty to animals, yet simply don’t make the connection between animal cruelty and what is on their plate”     Viva!’s TV message encourages the public to make the connection between animals they love and the animals they eat, with viewers invited to consider the morality of eating said animals. A raise of £40,000 through Crowdfunding, match-funded from a generous donor, in addition to a further grant from Channel 4 will enable the TV advert to reach a potential 16 …


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Veganuary: Permanent Meat Reduction Reported by 82% of Participants, Feeling Healthier & With Improved Mood

Veganuary yesterday released the results from its six-month follow-up survey of Veganuary 2021 participants*, revealing that there has been a permanent reduction in meat consumption for a large majority. 68% also reported health benefits including more energy, better skin and improved mood, out of over 582,000 people from 209 countries and territories who took part in Veganuary 2021, smashing all previous records.  The six month follow-up study found that 82% of those participants who were previously omniverous have maintained a dramatic reduction in their animal product consumption: 30% are eating a fully vegan diet; 38% are eating at least 75% less meat and other animal products; and 14% are eating at least 50% less meat and other animal products compared to before Veganuary 2021. Aside …


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Veganuary 2021: Vegan Deliveroo +146%, M&S Vegan Beef Sells Every 30 Seconds, Vegan Meatballs Fastest Best-Sellers in Pret’s History

Veganuary 2021 has come to an end and has revealed some outstanding figures. In total, an official number of 582,538 people signed-up (not counting those who took part unofficially without signing up), far exceeding the target of 500,000. The groundbreaking initiative has also inspired an explosion of plant-based product launches, menu items and market activity.  Hundreds of new plant-based products launched in conjunction with the organisation and many initial sales have exceeded expectations. UK restaurant Leon released its Vegan Sweet Carolina BBQ Burger and in just one week was its bestselling burger. Department store Marks and Spencer reporting selling one of its new No Salt Beef Pretzel Roll every 30 seconds. Pret a Manger’s new Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap was its first new product to …


Naomi Hallum, CEO of Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan: “The Future of Nutrition is Plant-Based. No Question About It”

Million Dollar Vegan is a hugely successful vegan campaign whose supporters include Dr. Michael Greger, Alicia Silverstone, Evanna Lynch, and Peter Singer. Last year the nonprofit famously offered a million dollars to The Pope and Donald Trump which would have been donated to charity in exchange for the figures to try vegan for a month.


Victoria Park Food Bank

Image courtesy of Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan & Viva! Provide 2,000 Meatfree Meals With Support of MPs and Massive Attack

A new project coordinated by international NGO Million Dollar Vegan and vegan charity Viva! is supported by prominent figures including vegan Labour MP Kerry McCarthy and Robert del Naja (known as 3D) of Massive Attack, to provide meals for 2,000 people in need and bring attention to the risks associated with animal products.


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Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Joins Million Dollar Vegan’s “Take Pandemics off the Menu” Campaign

Million Dollar Vegan, the nonprofit organisation that famously challenged President Trump last year to try vegan in return for $1M for war veterans, has now launched “Take Pandemics off the Menu”, with support from Evanna Lynch, vegan star of the hugely successful Harry Potter films.


Million Dollar Vegan Trump Campaign

©Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan’s Offer to Trump: Go Vegan for January & Veterans Will Receive $1M

Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit organization, has publicly asked President Trump to help “Make America Healthy Again” by going vegan for one month via a New York Times Ad. Following the campaign in February to make the Pope go vegan for lent, this campaign asks Trump to go vegan for Veganuary with the aim of inspiring people across America and beyond to rethink their food choices and improve their health.