Million Dollar Vegan Trump Campaign

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Million Dollar Vegan’s Offer to Trump: Go Vegan for January & Veterans Will Receive $1M

Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit organization, has publicly asked President Trump to help “Make America Healthy Again” by going vegan for one month via a New York Times Ad. Following the campaign in February to make the Pope go vegan for lent, this campaign asks Trump to go vegan for Veganuary with the aim of inspiring people across America and beyond to rethink their food choices and improve their health.



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Vegan Vacations Boom: Travel Agency Offers Vegan Boutique Accommodation on the Florida Keys

The vegan travel industry has been booming for some time, and more and more holiday providers are focusing on catering to vegans and sustainable people. An example is the travel agency Get It Across GmbH & Co. KG, which is providing visitors to the Florida Keys & Key West new eco-friendly accommodation with a vegan menu and sustainable amenities in the coming autumn and winter months.



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Amari Presents New Plant-Based Dishes in Seven Hotels in Thailand

More and more people are opting for a plant-based diet free of artificial ingredients. In addition to its many health benefits, awareness of the harmful environmental impact of animal agriculture has encouraged many people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. In order to raise travellers’ awareness of a more environmentally friendly diet, the Asian hotel brand Amari, along with the social group Green Monday from Hong Kong, is offering a diverse …


Michael Mansfield

Michael Mansfield QC, image courtesy of Viva!

Michael Mansfield QC: “I Have One, Singular Message – to Make Ecoside an International Crime”

Vegan charity Viva! launched its  Vegan Now campaign yesterday at the Labour Party Conference. The launch was fronted by Michael Mansfield QC, a leading barrister, who has been quoted in the popular press this week  including the Telegraph and the Independent, as saying that in future, eating meat could be made illegal, and should be banned like smoking in public.


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Vegan Now – International Launch at Labour Party Conference 2019

On Monday 23 September, international vegan charity Viva! will launch a headline new campaign at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, shedding new light on the devastating effects of industrial meat and dairy farming on global nature. The Vegan Now! campaign will for the first time make clear the dramatic environmental benefits of choosing to go vegan or electing to consume fewer animal-based products.