Heura’s Urgent Message to Boris Johnson: Plant-Based Deserves a Seat at the Table

After the recent alarming IPCC report on climate change was released with stark warnings for the future of humanity, the Spanish “food activists” behind Heura have given an urgent message to UK politician Boris Johnson: stop ignoring the science and make plant-based diets part of climate policy.  Following the UK government’s dangerous lack of action, activists and Heura co-founders Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños have made the video message, as well as launched a petition to demand that world leaders support a plant-based diet to combat climate change. In advance of COP26, they have also penned an open letter to Boris Johnson, which states: “We have listened to your words. We have noticed your (lack of) actions. Now it’s time to act and address diet …


PureOaty Glebe Farms

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Judge Dismisses Case From Oatly Against Glebe Farms Regarding PureOaty Milk

In the case against small UK producer Glebe Farm lodged by Oatly for an alleged trademark infringement, the judge has today thrown out all of the charges and ruled that there were no trademark violations. Glebe Farm stated on social media: “Big news!! In a complete victory, the judge has today dismissed all claims of trademark infringement levelled at our PureOaty oat milk by the multinational company Oatly. ⁠⁠In our view ‘corporate might does not make right!’ and you only need to look at the two packs side by side to appreciate how different these brands are, and how unnecessary this expensive legal action was.⁠ So we were determined to stand up against the challenge and are delighted with the result! We want to thank …


DxE Berkeley


DxE Advocatism Results in Plant-Based Future For City of Berkeley

At a meeting which took place Tuesday this week, after activism by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE; the Berkeley City Council voted to shift 50% of its current food expenses from animal-based to plant-based before 2024, and in addition has committed to fully omitting animal products as a long term goal. The progressive city will commence the serving of vegan meals at facilities such as public events, jails, and care homes once per week in the style of Meatless Mondays, in an effort to cut carbon emissions and inhumane animal practices. DxE is working for similar policies to be enacted in other cities such as San Francisco and Chicago. The group had initially pushed for a 100% plant based policy but the …


Marc Coloma, food activist and Heura co-founder

Marc Coloma, CEO of Heura Foods, Sends Message to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

It was not long ago that Spain‘s Minister for Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, caused a stir by suggesting that the public cut down on meat consumption. In response, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez contradicted Garzón by stating that “un chuletón al punto es imbatible” – meaning “a perfectly done steak is unbeatable”. The minister’s assertion and the Spanish head of state’s response was a stimulus for conversation about meat consumption, not just among the public, but at all levels of power in the country. But perhaps the most vocal voice was that of Marc Coloma, the creator of Heura, the fast-growing Spanish vegan meat company. “I would say to the Prime Minister that Heura al punto is the best way to continue enjoying a steak, …



Accor Hotels in New Partnership with Plant-Based Pork Brand Zrou to Modernize Culinary Scene Across China

Accor Hotels – the largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest worldwide – has launched a first-of-its-kind partnership with Zrou, one of the leading plant-based meat brands in China. The deal aims to launch a plant-based creative menu concept across Accor Hotels in Greater China. Produced by YouKuai Group International, Zrou is a minced vegan pork product aimed at the Chinese market. The company recently announced a $7.3 million Series A funding round, and the new partnership with Accor Live Limitless will allow YouKuai to introduce Zrou to a broader, more culinary-conscious audience. A launch event was held at the Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai with celebrity chefs and influencers to celebrate the partnership, with the aim of bringing culinary innovation to high-end gastronomy. …


Compassion in World Farming

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Historic Commitment by the European Commission to Ban Cages in Animal Farming Across the EU

In a landmark ruling, the European Commission has made a historic commitment to phase out cages in animal farming throughout the EU. Cages for hens, mother pigs, calves, rabbits, ducks, geese, and other farmed animals will be phased out by 2027 at the latest. “It feels like one of these moments in history when the tide is turning” Driven by the ‘End the Cage Age’ European Citizens’ Initiative supported by the Compassion in World Farming group, over 1.4 million citizens across all EU member states signed the petition, applying insurmountable pressure for change. This is the first successful initiative providing a voice for the 300 million farmed animals in the EU spending their lives in cages, pens, or stalls that make it hard or impossible …


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Oatly Speaks Out Regarding the PureOaty Court Case

As we reported yesterday, market leader Oatly has entered a court battle with UK farm Glebe Farm Foods over a trademark disagreement regarding its PureOaty brand. Oatly has since contacted vegconomist with a brief comment as below. The case at the London High Court will put forward that PureOaty, one of the plant milks available from the farm which produces oats and other cereals, infringes copyright and that the packaging and name are too similar. Glebe Farm’s owner Phillip Rayner told the BBC: “Oatly says the name and packaging are too similar to theirs, but when we compare the two products side by side, we are surprised by this.” An Oatly spokesperson said to vegconomist today in response: “We approached Glebe Farms in a letter …



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News just in from the GFI reveals that the EU has rejected plans for unprecedented restrictions on plant-based dairy. EU leaders have dropped plans to impose new restrictions on plant-based dairy products, which could have banned them from displaying allergen information, being sold in cartons and using images of their own products. Terms such as “milk” and “yogurt” are still forbidden.


Founders Bernat-Ananos and Marc Coloma at the City of Justice in Barcelona ©Heura

Judge Rejects Cautionary Measures Filed by the Meat Industry in Favour of Heura

A Barcelona court has rejected the request for precautionary measures prior to the filing of the lawsuit against Heura for its “provocative” advertising which set out to inform the public about meat consumption. It has been ruled that the vegan meat producer will be able to maintain its environmental awareness campaigns and continue to discuss the impact of livestock farming on our planet.


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Bill Gates, Ezra Klein and the GFI Call on Congress for Public Investment in Alt-Proteins in Face of Climate Crisis 

As Ezra Klein calls on policymakers to make open-access research into plant-based and cell-cultured meat a key part of the American Jobs Plan and climate strategy, the GFI is strongly advocating for $2 billion in funds for open-access alt-protein science. The international nonprofit has also worked with Bill Gates‘ NGO Breakthrough Energy calling for public investment in alt-proteins as a key climate mitigation strategy.