Miyoko with cheese

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Miyoko Wins First Round in Its Lawsuit Against California Dept of Food and Agriculture over use of the Word ‘Butter’

Plant-based creamery Miyoko has won the first round in its lawsuit against the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in a dispute over labelling. The US district judge for the Northern District of California has denied a Motion to Dismiss, in a case brought by Miyoko’s Kitchen, over the use of the word ‘butter’ for plant-based products.


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Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Joins Million Dollar Vegan’s “Take Pandemics off the Menu” Campaign

Million Dollar Vegan, the nonprofit organisation that famously challenged President Trump last year to try vegan in return for $1M for war veterans, has now launched “Take Pandemics off the Menu”, with support from Evanna Lynch, vegan star of the hugely successful Harry Potter films.


On Being a Black Vegan, Seeking Black Vegan Business to Support

Being Black and Vegan is nuanced. First of all, there are many different black ‘peoples’. Are we talking African? Caribbean? Europe or the USA? If you’re talking Caribbean veganism, it could be part of spiritual traditions, Rastafarianism involves eating produce that’s ideally home-grown and organic.