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No-deal Brexit to Trigger Meat Shortages in UK

The Guardian reported yesterday that one of the UK’s largest food suppliers suggests a no-deal Brexit, which is currently a real possibility due to a lack of political agreement both within the UK and with the EU, would lead to meat shortages like those seen during the world wars. In order to help avoid this, Bidfood UK have spoken with customers about switching to meat-free dishes as an alternative.




New Organisation Founded: Plant-Based Foods of Canada

It was announced this Monday that members of Canadian plant-based industries have united to form the Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC), to support and assist the interests of vegan food companies throughout the country. The PBFC consists of key representatives of “food companies that make and market plant-based products that are part of a combination of or are the main source of proteins by a growing number of Canadians.”


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Memphis Meat and NAMI Ask Trump to Regulate Labelling of Laboratory Meat

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and cell-based meat developer Memphis Meats have jointly written a letter to President Trump asking for help in clarifying the regulatory framework for cell-based meat and poultry products. They are calling on the Trump administration to regulate the US protein industry. “Cell-based meat products are meat produced from animal cells in cell cultures. They are an “and”, not an “or” solution, and the latest …


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California: New Law Requires Vegan Meals to be Available in State Institutions

“When I go to lunch, I can choose foods that fit my health requirements, ethics, or diet, but people in a hospital bed or prison often can’t,” said Nancy Skinner, Senator of California. This is why a new law (SB 1138) has been passed requiring prisons, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as other state institutions in California, to provide at least one vegan meal to their patients and detainees. …



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California: New Law Bans Animal Testing

Lawmakers in California lawmakers have voted unanimously in favour of a ban of animal tested beauty products. The Senate Bill 1249, called the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, was approved in the State Assembly on 31 August. The new bill will make it illegal for manufacturers to import or sell products in California if they produced using any animal test on or after the 1st January 2020. Those who are caught …


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Hotel Industry: Vegan Holidays for Everyone

The rapid evolution of the vegan movement has left its mark on the travel and hotel industry. What in the past was just a trend expected by some travel guides is now a profitable reality. ‘Vegan holidays’ is the keyword under which travel providers such as Intrepid Travel offer so-called “Vegan Food Adventures”. Contrary to expectations, flexitarians and health-conscious tourists rank among the most frequent customers of the vegan holidays. Leigh Barnes, …


Controversial Debate: Vegan Milk and the Milk Market

Can vegan milk be called milk? This question was raised by American congressmen during a debate on the increasing availability of plant-based dairy products. The controversial discussion is being led by the dairy industry, primarily the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is aware of consumers’ growing interest in plant-based milk and fears that veganism could cause potential damage to the conventional dairy industry. The French food company Danone …


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Jackfruit Farmers in India Receive Government Funding

The Indian government has announced plans to push the processing and export of the jackfruit as a priority, with plans to start the first jackfruit processing plant to begin operations at Mala in Thrissur next month. Jackfruit has been increasing in popularity as a new vegan ingredient, and is often prepared and sold as a “pulled” product with a similar consistency and taste to pulled pork.



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ProVeg fights for dietary change at the World Climate Conference

Since last year, ProVeg has been running a climate campaign on the occasion of the annual world climate conference. ProVeg aims to raise awareness of the link between diet and climate change. This year, the COP 24 world climate conference will take place in Poland, and ProVeg will be there again. The events are organised in advance with climate experts and politicians. The aim is to demonstrate the effects of …


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Califia Farms Secures over $50 Million From Celebrity Investors

Califia Farms, the well-known Los Angeles based natural beverage company, have announced a new round of funding which they have received to the tune of over $50 million. The plant-based milk market is set to exceed $34 billion by 2024, thanks to the enormous success in the global natural milk producers, and in particular Califia Farms, who have been enjoying exponential growth with their plant milks, creamers, juices and probiotic yogurts.


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Clean Meat Should be Backed by US Government

The Israeli start-up Aleph Farms, developer and producer of “Clean Meat” (laboratory meat), recently called on the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to support and promote Clean Meat. The company points out the advantages of the product when compared with conventional meat products, especially in the area of food safety.