Remus Cernea

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Romanian Politician Remus Cernea: “We Have to Accelerate the Transition to a Far More Sustainable Green Economy”

Remus Cernea served as a Romanian Member of Parliament between 2012 and 2016, when he helped to pass several environmental and animal rights laws, such as the law to ban the use of animals in circuses, which after more than three years of campaigning was passed by a parliament which was previously hostile to the idea.


Million Dollar Vegan

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Politicians Give Rallying Support to Million Dollar Vegan Campaign

With the latest scientific evidence showing the devastating effects of industrial livestock on our planet and the environment, 40 MEPs have declared their support for the Million Dollar Vegan Campaign. The campaign calls for the public to eat vegan food during the 40-day Lent to combat climate change, species extinction, pollution and the suffering of livestock. The declaration was signed by MEPs from 17 EU Member States and seven of the eight political groups in the European Parliament, coordinated by German MEP Stefan Eck.


plant based product council pbpc

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Newly Founded “Plant-Based Product Council” Advocates Sustainable Products and Packaging

The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) is a new association of companies and environmental leaders committed to sustainable products and packaging made from plant materials. The PBPC was founded at the California Bioresource Economy Summit in California, with the goal of promoting the use of sustainable products made from renewable biomass to protect the environment.


Senator Corey Booker Vegan

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Vegan Politician Will Run For President



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The Vegan Lodge: A Vegan and Sustainable Tourism Concept

The Vegan Lodge Olympos is a new tourist resort in Turkey specializing in vegan holidays. The resort, with its slogan “Holiday in a different way”, wants to take a pioneering role by implementing a holistic concept for sustainable tourism. The Vegan Lodge will open its doors on March 8th 2019.



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Germany’s Hotel and Catering Industry Still has a lot of Untapped Vegan Development Potential

Vegconomist has long been following and reporting on vegan trends in the hotel and restaurant industry around the globe. The vegan trend has also long arrived in the German hotel and catering scene, and is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, we asked the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Federal Association) about the current situation in Germany.


boutique vegan

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France: Authorities Question Online Retailers Over “Banned” Product Names

Vegconomist reported some time ago on the legal developments in France regarding the debate over the correct labelling of vegan foods. The French Parliament had passed a new and controversial law banning the use of meat-like terms for plant-based alternatives. Recently, we received a report from the online retailer boutique vegan [offline], against which the French authorities now intend to take action despite the uncertain situation.



Bigfood NZ

No-deal Brexit to Trigger Meat Shortages in UK

The Guardian reported yesterday that one of the UK’s largest food suppliers suggests a no-deal Brexit, which is currently a real possibility due to a lack of political agreement both within the UK and with the EU, would lead to meat shortages like those seen during the world wars. In order to help avoid this, Bidfood UK have spoken with customers about switching to meat-free dishes as an alternative.




New Organisation Founded: Plant-Based Foods of Canada

It was announced this Monday that members of Canadian plant-based industries have united to form the Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC), to support and assist the interests of vegan food companies throughout the country. The PBFC consists of key representatives of “food companies that make and market plant-based products that are part of a combination of or are the main source of proteins by a growing number of Canadians.”