Vevolution Food as Medicine event

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Vevolution Announces Pitch Event for Fast-Growing “Food as Medicine” Category

Agrifoodtech investment platform Vevolution has announced it will be hosting a virtual pitch event with the theme “Food as Medicine”. The category is rapidly gaining investor interest and includes areas such as personalized nutrition, functional ingredients, sugar and salt alternatives, and microbiome health. Five startups will pitch at the event: Sante Science — A Brazilian company using upcycled spent brewer’s grain to produce supplements that reduce chemotherapy side effects, improving cancer patients’ quality of life. Sea & Believe — An Irish startup using native seaweed to produce seafood alternatives and ingredients for the food and skincare industries. The company recently launched its first seaweed farm in the Connemara region. Stove — Described as an “AI dietician”, UK-based Stove simplifies recipe creation for those with diet-related …


Plant Attitude Challenge vote

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Five Startups Compete to Revolutionize Alt Protein Cost Efficiency in Givaudan Plant Attitude Challenge

Five startup finalists — Eat Typcal (Brazil), Meatless Kingdom (Indonesia), Eternal (US), Juicy Marbles (Slovenia), and BVeg Foods (India) — are set to pitch their ideas to reduce the costs of alt-protein recipes by 20% while ensuring a “delicious” consumer experience at Givaudan’s Plant Attitude Challenge on April 17th, 2024. The finalists will also explain how their solutions specifically relate to the findings and recommendations outlined in Givaudan’s recent white paper in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley.  The paper discusses various alt protein production methods and opportunities for improving efficiency in the food industry. In addition, it provides ten actionable pathways to help producers address supply chain issues, resource consumption, production scale-up, and competitive pricing to reduce product costs. Flavio Garofalo, Global Director, …


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Kickstarting for Good Program Seeks Impact Entrepreneurs to Help Make Our Food System Sustainable

ProVeg International is searching for mission-driven entrepreneurs to join its Kickstarting for Good accelerator program, which aims to launch and grow nonprofits and impact initiatives working on transforming the food system. Said to be the first accelerator of its kind, Kickstarting for Good is the not-for-profit program of the ProVeg Incubator, which has worked with over 100 food tech startups over the past five years. It consists of an expert-led ten-week program featuring mentoring and networking opportunities. Participants will spend an intensive two weeks in Berlin (a grant is available to cover travel and accommodation costs) and will be teamed up with like-minded co-founders. The program will culminate in a Pitch Day. Idea areas Applicants — which may include individuals, founder teams, or existing organizations …


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Toronto Startups AuX Labs & Genuine Taste Join BioCreate Accelerator to Create Alternatives to Cheese and Beef

Two cutting-edge biotech startups from Ontario, Canada — AuX Labs and Genuine Taste — have been selected to join BioCreate, an accelerator program that supports innovative companies in the health, food, agriculture, and cleantech sectors. AuX Lab was founded in 2021 by Ted Jin to create affordable bioidentical animal proteins using precision fermentation and engineered yeasts. The company is working to develop yeast strains with high protein-yielding capabilities and a bioprocess fueled by low-cost feedstocks established in “capital-light” fermentation facilities.  AuX Lab’s first protein — milk casein — is used to create animal-free cheese with the same taste and melting and stretching functionalities as dairy cheese. The startup has raised $3 million in a seed round from investors Bluestein Ventures, Congruent Ventures, and Flying Fish Partners. Meanwhile, Genuine …


Chickenish fried chicken

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5 More Small Vegan Businesses You May Not Know That Deserve to Be on Your Radar

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s piece listing five small vegan companies that you might not know, here we present another five emerging businesses from around the world that deserve your support. From Canadian cheese to Spanish cakes, these small enterprises are doing great things and are well worth your hard-earned pennies. 1. Freedom Cakes – Madrid, Spain Freedom Cakes of Madrid is an uber cool outfit that entails a cake shop, an American style vegan cafe/diner, and a delivery service in the Spanish capital. The diner concept is described as “The only 100% Plant Based American Diner in Madrid where you can find the best brunch, burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes, pancake towers and our famous cakes and much more!” The cafe concept recently moved to a …


No Frickin Chicken's new location.

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5 Small Vegan Businesses You May Not Know That Deserve to Be on Your Radar

This week we will introduce ten small vegan businesses you may have never heard of; below are five interesting small businesses from around the world, and stay tuned on Friday for another five that deserve to be on your watch list. From Chacino in Spain, offering vegan-friendly cured sausages, to No Frickin Chicken in the UK, serving cruelty-free chicken, these businesses are catering to the growing demand for sustainable and animal-free options. 1. Chacino – Ávila, Spain Born from a partnership between Jamones y Embutidos Pinantes and a team of chefs and scientists, Chacino offers unique plant-based cured sausages, combining the art of traditional curing with modern food innovation.  With a focus on honoring the heritage of past generations and expertise while looking toward the future, Chacino …


KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub

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The Flexitarian Project is Born, the Largest Collaborative Plant-Based Project Between Startups & Spanish Food Companies

The largest Spanish collaborative project between startups and large food companies has taken its first steps at the Open Innovation & Investment Day, the event that marks the closing of the initial phase of work of KM ZERO Venturing, the first Spanish open innovation program for startups in foodtech. Under the name of The Flexitarian Project, this pioneering initiative has been confirmed by its promoters, the companies Familia Martínez, CAPSA VIDA and Helados Estiu together with the startups Väcka, Wevo, Grin Grin Foods, Gimme Sabor, and Quevana, with the aim of bringing healthy, sustainable and accessible plant-based products to the market for the consumer, in addition to promoting the visibility of plant-based foods. The potential of collaborations to change the food industry Along with this …


Seafood alternatives at Pitch + Plant 2023

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Vevolution Reveals the 6 Startups Participating in Pitch + Plant 2023

Vevolution — an investment platform for plant-based and cultivated companies — has revealed the six startups that will be taking part in Pitch + Plant 2023, the platform’s final and largest pitch event of the year. They are: Alcheme Bio – Improving the taste of cultivated foods using ML-driven compositional analytics and flavor media supplements. Esencia Foods – Creating affordable, natural seafood alternatives using solid-state fermentation of mycelium. Genuine Taste – Developing customizable cultivated fat to texturize alternative meat products while also improving their taste. Livestock Labs – Creating customized cell lines to help cultivated meat companies save money and time. The startup uses advanced genetic engineering and technology to streamline cell line development, reducing costs and accelerating innovation. Mi Terro – Developing ocean-degradable and …


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The 8 Startups Pitching Innovations from Cultivated Caviar to the “New Soy” at ProVeg Incubator Demo Day

The eight startups that form the 11th cohort of the ProVeg Incubator are set to showcase their innovations at a Demo Day on December 14. The Demo Day is the culmination of the 12-week incubator program, which teaches startups how to develop products, secure regulatory approval, and more. The pitches will be watched by food-tech investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, the media, researchers, and other industry professionals. Investors will quiz the startups about topics such as their founding team, technology, and value proposition. The startups taking part in the event are: Allium Bio (Singapore): Developing a novel technology for co-culturing microalgae and mycelium to create functional ingredients for plant-based foods. Poseidona (Spain): Making algal protein “the new soy” by turning seaweed by-products into protein for use in …


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Alternative Protein Startups to Keep on Your Radar

The food and beverage industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by the increasing demand for healthier, more sustainable, and ethical food choices. In this dynamic landscape, alternative proteins have taken centre stage, offering innovative solutions to address these pressing concerns. As we look ahead to 2024, a fresh wave of food tech start-ups is set to make a significant impact, promising to revolutionise the food and beverage sector. In its latest New Food Hub article, ProVeg International introduces eight promising food tech start-ups, who are all poised to lead this transformation. These companies, all part of ProVeg Incubator’s 11th cohort, are addressing a diverse range of challenges in alternative protein production, from taste and nutrition to pricing and scaling. Let’s meet the first five …


Tuna steaks made from upcycled algae by Poseidona

Tuna steaks made from upcycled algae by Poseidona, Image courtesy of Eatable Adventures

Spain Foodtech Startups Program Reveals 2023 Cohort of Agrifood Pioneers

Spain Foodtech Startups Program announces its 2023 cohort, with four Spanish startups leading the new agrifood revolution with innovative technologies, natural alternatives, and upcycled proteins. Backed by an impressive investment of €10 million, this program aims to support the selected startups over the next three years to make them capable of competing globally. Spain Foodtech, a collaboration between Eatable Adventures, ICEX Spain Export and Investments, and CNTA, seeks to position Spain as a technological leader. According to the data from an Eatable Adventures study, the food tech investment in Spain reached €268 million in 2022, marking a growth of 9.3% compared to the previous year. Four pioneers From over 120 applications, Spain Foodtech selected the following startups: Bio2coat: Develops natural coatings that extend the shelf life …


A shrimp flavor vegan seasoning product

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ProVeg Incubator Announces 11th Cohort Focused on Improving the Functionality and Quality of Alt Proteins

The ProVeg Incubator has unveiled the lineup for its 11th cohort, comprising eight startups set to revolutionize the alt protein industry with their products, including cultivated caviar, fermented ingredients, seasoning blends, and seaweed proteins.  The 11th cohort includes entrepreneurs from Argentina, Spain, Bulgaria, Singapore, and the USA, and for the first time in its five-year history, a Brazilian startup is joining the program. With four more participants, the incubator’s 10th cohort included 12 startups developing various products, from plant-based eggs and shrimp to chickpea milk. Still, Proveg is seeking entrepreneurs eager to launch a cultivated octopus company. The ProVeg Incubator has worked with 90+ startups since it started in 2018 to find alternatives to animal products. The incubator offers personalized mentoring, access to an extensive network of industry …


Mylkcubator child

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The ‘Mylkcubator: More Than Mylk’ Accelerator Program Seeks Applications from Next Gen Alt Dairy and Beyond

After two successful editions of the Mylkcubator accelerator, the program reveals it has decided to pursue a more ambitious approach for its third edition. Pascual Innoventures, the Corporate Venture unit of Pascual, a leading Spanish manufacturer of dairy products and beverages, launched Mylkcubator in 2021, claiming it to be the first global incubation program for cellular agriculture technologies in the dairy industry. More than (alt) milk and dairy Now, Pascual announces in collaboration with foodtech accelerator Eatable Adventures, the launch of Mylkcubator: More Than Mylk, focusing on disruptive technologies for the new generation of biosynthetic dairy products and exploring new technologies in impact areas including alt eggs, coffee, lipids, cocoa, sweeteners, and functional ingredients. According to the company, the Mylkcubator ecosystem has generated a total …


Ivy Farm and Finnebrogue partner to bring cultivated Wagyu beef to the UK  

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Biotech Firms Awarded €1.2M for Creating Animal-Free Cell Culture Media to Make Cultivated Meat a “Commercial Reality”

Commercializing cell-based products such as cultivated meat remains challenging due to the substantial costs and ethical implications of fetal bovine serum. To find solutions, EIT Food, the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community, and the Good Food Institute (GFI) Europe launched the Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge to develop a more affordable and efficient animal-free cell culture media. The winners, UK biotech company 3D Bio-Tissues and Israeli biotech startup BioBetter have received €1.2 million from EIT Food. With the funds, the companies will continue their R&D efforts in developing lower-cost alternatives to bovine serum. Moreover, they will produce cultivated meat products using their innovations.  Dr. Adam M. Adamek, director of innovation at EIT Food, said: “The cost of cell-culture media is a significant barrier to scaling …


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ProVeg Launches Unique ‘Kickstarting for Good’ Program to Transform the Food System

Food awareness organization ProVeg International introduces ‘Kickstarting for Good’, a program to launch and grow nonprofits, impact initiatives, and social startups working in the field of food system transformation. Claimed to be the first program of its kind worldwide, Kickstarting for Good will be run by the ProVeg Incubator, which already runs an accelerator program for plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation startups. The program is open to those who have high-potential ideas for new initiatives, and also to those with the drive to take forward some ideas pre-identified by ProVeg. “We’ve identified a whole series of high-impact ideas, so we invite people to apply whether they have an existing idea or not. We’ll train you and introduce you to the right people to make this big …


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Big Idea Ventures Announces First New Protein Fund II Investments

Alt protein venture capital firm Big Idea Ventures has announced the first investments made as part of its New Protein Fund II. Ten early-stage startups have been chosen to receive pre-seed funding through the firm’s biannual accelerator program in New York and Paris. They are: New York Future Cow (Brazil) — Animal-free milk made via the precision fermentation of agro-industrial waste. The product is molecularly identical to cow’s milk. Naturannova (Chile) — Uses a proprietary Natural AI technology to rapidly identify peptides in nature, creating natural, healthy, and sustainable flavors. Pioneer Biolabs (US) — Has developed a proprietary genomic screening platform to engineer and optimize microbial cells for protein production.  Harvest Moon Foods (Canada) — The first Canadian company to use precision fermentation to turn …




ProVeg Incubator Seeks Cultivated Octopus – “It’s What the World Needs Now”

Horror has been felt around the world since the announcement of the world’s first commercial octopus farm, based in the Canary Islands, which is set to slaughter around a million of the highly intelligent creatures yearly to create 3,000 tons of octopus meat. “From Mumbai to Mexico City, protesters have mobilised, adding their voice to the more than 100 academics who contend that farming a carnivorous animal known to be curious, affectionate and exploratory would be unethical and environmentally unsustainable. Others have sought to crack down on the sector before it gets started; lawmakers in the US state of Washington are mulling a ban on octopus farming while an online petition calling for a global ban has received nearly 1m signatures,” reported the Guardian last …


Vevolution pitch event

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Vevolution to Host Pitch Event Featuring Five Groundbreaking Alt Protein Startups

Alt protein investment platform Vevolution will be hosting a pitch event on July 20, featuring five groundbreaking plant-based and cellular agriculture startups. The participants are: Willicroft — a plant-based cheese B-Corp which is now preparing to launch what is claimed to be the world’s first butter made using precision fermentation. Cultimate Foods — a biotech firm specializing in cell cultivation, which will present its cultivated intramuscular animal fat. Ikenga Wines — a tropical wine producer which has developed sustainable palm wine made without palm trees. POSEIDONA — transforms invasive algae and waste streams into valuable protein ingredients. RADIAL — uses fungi to transform agricultural residues into versatile biomaterials, offering sustainable alternatives for various manufacturing processes. “Bold step” Pitches will be assessed by a panel of …


PIC Artificial Intelligence Projects

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Protein Industries Canada Launches $10M Fund to Increase Use of AI in Plant-Based Food Sector

Protein Industries Canada (PIC)  announces it is offering $10M CAD for food tech projects that use artificial intelligence to improve plant-based food production. The funds are aimed at accelerating the commercialization of new foods and ingredients while making Canada’s plant-based sector more efficient and sustainable.  According to PIC, an industry-led nonprofit organization, AI has the potential to transform how food ingredient processors and manufacturers operate, especially by increasing the speed of recipe and ingredient formulation. AI also has a strong potential to improve food safety and quality assurance, says PIC.  Wide scope of projects From now until March 31, 2026, PIC plans to invest $30 million into AI projects that wil benefit the plant-based and agrifood sectors. The amount invested in each project will depend on …


Plant-based Salmon Filet

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From Honey Bee Conservation to Plant-Based Salmon: Natural Products Canada Awards $1M to Bio-Based Companies

Natural Products Canada (NPC) announces it has awarded over CAD $1M in grants to ten Canadian companies creating bio-based innovations. Representing a range of startups and universities, the innovators are creating solutions that address everything from saving honey bee colonies and upcycling industrial waste to making plant-based salmon, natural food additives and non-toxic cleaning supplies. To receive funding, which was administered through NPC’s Commercialization Programs, each applicant had to provide “a compelling case” for their innovation and detail the challenge the program funds would address. “We continue to be inspired by the innovators we work with on a daily basis,” says Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada. “The solutions have the potential to address challenges as diverse as protecting our bee populations to ensure our farmers …