The Founder Institute and S Group Launch Food Tech Startup Programme

San Francisco based Founder Institute, which is the world’s premier pre-seed accelerator and startup launch programme, and Finland’s leading retailer S Group, have announced the launch of a new joint start-up programme: Food Founder Programme. Based in Helsinki, it will be helping aspiring entrepreneurs within the food and agricultural sectors launch their business ideas by providing them with feedback and mentorship from over 100 food founder experts from various universities and research institutes.


All you Seed

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All You Seed – The Future of Healthy Diets

The business idea for All You Seed was developed about a year ago by four students. Recently, the company launched a new crowdfunding campaign on It will run from October 10 to November 17, with everyone invited to participate. The start-up’s new campaign was launched, amongst other things, to scale up the production of All You Seed and make its products available to the public via an online shop. In return, supporters will be the first to receive the new product.


Energy Ball Recipes

Energy Ball Recipe Box: Healthy Recipe Kits Delivered to Your Door launched on Kickstarter in July, offering affordable healthy snack packs available to order online. In just four weeks the company has posted over 100 of the new Recipe Kits globally, with orders from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Dubai, America and Canada. Owner Victoria Prince, from the East Midlands, said: “I knew when we came up with the idea there would be a market for the product, but I never anticipated the level of success we have seen. The kitchen is now full of boxes all ready to get the first shipment out and we are looking forward to opening up for our next wave of orders.” There will be a new recipe box each month containing ingredients and simple instructions to make 30 …


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New Age Meats: First Taste Test of Lab-Grown Pork Sausages

The US-based start-up New Age Meats, which is only a few months old, specializes in the research and development of cultured meat (Clean Meat). The new company from San Francisco is a member of IndieBio’s Accelerator Program, and has already been granted $250,000 in financial capital. The start-up’s aim is to counter traditional animal agriculture with innovative and slaughter-free cultivated products. Only recently, a few people were invited to taste test the laboratory-grown “Farm-Free” pork sausage. They were offered three different types of sausage, made from pig cells grown in the laboratory. The reporter Erin Brodwin from Business Insider reported on the laboratory-grown sausages: “It tasted like meat. On the other hand, it is meat. The texture was clearly sausage-like. After chewing my bite, I …



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Katjesgreenfood: New Investment in Vegan Butter Start-Up Fora

Katjesgreenfood, a subsidiary of the Katjes Group, recently announced its investment in the vegan butter start-up Fora. According to the New York-based company, they have developed the world’s first vegan and cholesterol-free butter, using basic, specially researched and innovative   ingredients. Katjesgreenfood GmbH & Co. KG is one of the first food impact investors in the growing market for sustainable food in Europe, and invests in new food companies. The company’s latest investment is a stake in Fora, expanding its portfolio of vegan companies. Katjesgreenfood is also involved with Seven Sundays and Veganz. Fora was founded in 2017 by Aidan Altman and Andrew McClure; together, they developed the first vegan and cholesterol-free butter, which they call FabaButter. The taste and texture are hardly distinguishable from conventional butter. …



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Berlin: Europe’s First Start-Up Incubator for Innovative Veggie Products

In the autumn, ProVeg (formerly Vegetarierbund Deutschland) will launch Europe’s first incubator for innovative vegetarian products in Berlin. Starting in November, ProVeg intends to support and promote innovative and forward-looking veggie start-ups. Company founders can now apply for the new start-up program. A few months ago, Matthias Rohra from ProVeg spoke to us about this project in an interview. The internationally active food organization ProVeg aims to advance the veggie market with this initiative, and to actively promote further research into and market launches of products like cultivated meat, eggs and dairy. “With the ProVeg Incubator, we are supporting founders who want to fundamentally change the veggie market with new plant-based and cultivated meat, fish, milk and egg alternatives, as well as veggie services, and …