Report Says European Climate Investors Should Give More Funding to Alt-Proteins

A report by AgFunder and Invest-NL has found that European climate investors are not giving enough attention or funding to the alt-protein sector. The research identifies alternative proteins, sustainable farming, and circular food systems as the three priority areas for investment in order to tackle climate change. However, other categories such as eGrocery and Online Restaurants are currently attracting far more resources. In 2021, the category of Innovative Food — …


40% of UK's arable land devoted to livestock feed

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WWF Calls for UK Farmland to Feed People, Not Livestock

A report by conservation organisation WWF has claimed that two-fifths of the UK’s arable land is being used to grow crops to feed farmed animals. Half of the wheat grown in the country — enough to produce over ten billion loaves of bread — is fed to livestock in a process the organisation described as “inherently inefficient”. When the land used for raising and grazing livestock is also taken into …


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Report Examines Farmers’ Attitudes to Transitioning to Alt-Protein Production

A new report by ProVeg International has explored the opportunities and challenges faced by farmers transitioning to alt-protein production. The report interviewed 20 groups representing 300,000 farmers, asking what prevents them from making the shift. Responses show that many are concerned about climate change and open-minded to changing what they produce. However, farmers need to be reassured that they will not lose income if they make the transition. According to …


Vemondo ice cream

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World’s Ten Best Vegan Ice Creams 2022 Announced by abillion

abillion, the digital platform promoting sustainability and plant-based food, has released its awards for the World’s Ten Best Vegan Ice Creams for 2022. The awards are based on consumer ratings, the number of reviews, and consumer sentiment scores.  The ten winning ice creams were determined by evaluating over 15,000 reviews from members in 77 countries, posted between 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022. The countries whose members contributed the …


Impossible Foods Sausage

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BALPro Study Says 73% of Germans Eat Alt-Protein Products on a Regular Basis

Research by the Association for Alternative Sources of Protein (BALPro), in collaboration with Bloom Partners, the Food Campus Berlin, and Appinio, suggests that 73% of Germans eat alt-protein products on a regular basis. The survey was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,000 people. 58% of those who regularly bought plant-based products described themselves as omnivores, while 24% said they were flexitarian. 37% of respondents claimed they had bought …



“A New Sense of Freedom”: Over 65s Turning Their Backs on Meat and Going Plant-Based  

A new study has revealed that older UK consumers are saying no to meat and embracing a flexitarian diet. 52% of over 65s are reported to be eating 3 or 4 meat-free meals a week, not far off the number of millennials doing the same at 57%.  The study of 2,000 people was commissioned by Dopsu, one of the UK’s leading meat-alternative brands. It found that over half (54%) of …


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New Zealand Urged to Invest in Plant-Based Protein 

Kiwi plant-based producer Off-Piste Provisions is calling on the New Zealand agri-food and ingredients sectors to invest in pea and fava protein. The vegan outdoor foods brand has commissioned a new report to highlight the opportunities for pea and fava bean extraction in the country.  Entitled “Feasibility of Pea and Fava Bean Protein Extraction in New Zealand” and undertaken by PwC New Zealand, the report set out to understand the …


Umaro Foods Bacon in Pan

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New Report Says Alt Protein is On Track to Shape Multi-Trillion Dollar Food Market

A new report by consultancy firm Bain & Company and capital fund ZINTINUS says the “transformation of the world’s food market towards a more sustainable model is now at a tipping point, within an annual global food market of US $8 trillion.” Sustainability will define the future food supply, and the report identifies alternative proteins as a key trend to help the sector improve consumers’ health while reducing food waste …


Protein Power Bowl allplants


Report: Sufficient Plant Protein is Already Produced to Feed the Entire World

Research by Dr. Stacy Pyett of Wageningen University says that the world is already producing sufficient plant protein to feed the entire population. About 520 million tons of plant protein are produced annually, with a third of this wasted either during processing, storage, or by consumers. This leaves 346 million tons remaining. However, around 50% of this is currently turned into livestock feed. Based on the minimum amount of protein …


Ham & cheese melt Squeaky Bean

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UK: 620% Rise in Alt-Protein Sandwich Fillings, But Fewer Vegan Sandwiches on Offer

A report by Eating Better has examined the availability of healthy and vegan sandwiches in the UK. The research looked at 430 sandwiches across 14 retailers and foodservice outlets, including the country’s largest supermarket chains. Strikingly, the use of alt-proteins as sandwich fillings has increased by a huge 620% since 2019. However, other results are disappointing, with many major supermarkets having reduced their plant-based sandwich offerings. Tesco’s vegan sandwich range …


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European Survey Finds 19% of Consumers Will Eat More Plant-Based Foods Post-Covid

A survey of consumers in seven European countries, conducted by V-Label, has found that a growing number of respondents are looking to eat more plant-based foods post-Covid. Across all the countries surveyed — Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, and Poland — an average of 19% of consumers said they planned to change their diets to incorporate more plant-based foods. Denmark topped the list at 24%, while Poland had the …


Neat Burger in NYC Time Square

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Tripadvisor Study Names New York as Most Vegan-Friendly US City

Meal Delivery Experts, an online review platform, has joined with Tripadvisor to discover which US cities offer the greatest number of vegan food options. With over 1,400 restaurants and food venues offering abundant menu options, New York City officially ranks as the top destination for plant-based foodies.  Los Angeles comes in 2nd place with 705 vegan-friendly venues, and where diners can find a huge array of cuisines ranging from fast …


Yolo Co Op

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Switzerland “Should be Meat-Free by 2050” Says Independent Think Tank Gottlieb Duttweiler

Futurologists at Switzerland’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), an independent think-tank and the oldest organisation of its kind in Switzerland, have said that the Swiss population should eat an entirely meatless diet by 2050. “We will have no choice but to switch to alternative proteins,” said Christine Schäfer from the organisation, which is today holding a food innovation conference on fermentation in food. A working paper from the GDI adds, “Meat …



Report Tells UK Government to Revise “Fragmented and Underdeveloped” Alt-Protein Policy

A report by the Social Market Foundation has called on the UK government to update its alt-protein policy, with the aim of improving consumer choice and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable food system. The report says that with its current “fragmented and underdeveloped” policy, the UK risks falling behind other countries. The authors propose several steps the government could take to remedy this. The recommendations are as follows: …


change your cheese campaign

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Consumers Unaware that Dairy Cheese is Major Cause of Carbon Emissions, According to New Report 

A new study finds that switching to plant-based cheese could cut consumers’ associated climate impact in half, with dairy cheese production found to be one of the largest greenhouse gas generators in the world. The research also revealed that 23% of US adults still do not understand how greenhouse gas emissions and food production are linked.  The study, conducted by Talker Research, consisted of a life cycle evaluation used to …