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Else Successfully Concludes 2nd Preclinical Trial of Plant-Based, Soy-Free Baby Formula

Else Nutrition, the baby, toddler and children nutritional company, announces it has successfully completed a second preclinical study on its Plant-Based infant formula, marking a critical new phase for bringing its innovative 0-12 month infant formula to market.  Made without soy, Else’s product seeks to fill a major gap in the global $70 billion infant formula industry for dairy-free and clean-label alternatives. In the second trial, Else’s study showed proper …



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Increase in Veganism Propels Demand For Duckweed, One of World’s Most Sustainable & Nutritious Plants

The aquatic plant duckweed, also known as lemna or the water lentil, is considered to be one of the most sustainable and nutrient-dense plants in the world. Duckweed protein is witnessing growth according to a new market report that states growing veganism is driving demand. The market value stands at $165.5M and is set to surpass $165M in the next decade. Plantible Foods Food producers currently using the highly sustainable …


Number 3 in the world's 10 best vegan frozen foods

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abillion Announces World’s 10 Best Vegan Frozen Foods of 2022

Sustainability platform abillion has revealed its annual list of the world’s best vegan frozen foods. The list has been determined by product reviews and consumer sentiment, featuring figures from 74 countries, 6,000 products, and 2,000 brands. The top ten products globally are as follows: Le Patatine Orginali (McCain Foods, Canada) Tapas De Empanadas (Ailutap, Argentina) Pizza Margherita (Roncadin, Italy) Ristorante Pizza Margherita Pomodori (Dr Oetker, Germany) Pizza Vegan Margherita (Amy’s …



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German Cities Emerge as Surprise Vegan Dating Hotspots in 2022 Global Ranking

Veggly, the world’s leading dating app for vegans and vegetarians, has released new data ranking the best cities in the world for vegan dating, revealing that two German cities have this year overtaken London to become the biggest vegan dating hotspots. Overall, Europe takes the top five spots, however the US still represents the highest number of vegan daters overall of any individual country. This year, two German cities take …


Future of the Meat Industry report

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Report Says “There is No Better Time Than Now For Meat Producers to Enter Plant-Based Meat Sector”

A new report revealed at last week’s international meat fair IFFA reveals the opportunities that animal meat producers can seize in the booming plant-based meat sector. The report, published by food awareness organisation ProVeg International, says the sector offers huge opportunities for meat companies, with sales values of plant-based meat in Europe amounting to €1.4 billion in 2020 on top of a growth rate of 68% over the past two …


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New Cultivated Meat Study to Establish if Industry is an Opportunity or Threat for UK Farmers

A coalition of UK farming groups, scientists, and startups has received funding for a new cultivated meat study. The research will examine whether cultivated meat is likely to threaten farmers’ livelihoods, or whether it could instead present an opportunity. Scientists will look at what types of meat are most likely to be displaced by cultivated meat, and whether conventional meat production is set to decline at all as cultivated alternatives …


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Study Finds 70% of UK Drivers Want to Buy a Vegan Car

A new report published by The Vegan Society, based on data gathered in February 2022 amongst drivers (or those planning to buy or lease a car in the near future) finds that 75% want to see the removal of animal products from vehicles and 70% are actively interested in purchasing a 100% animal-free vehicle.  When choosing a new car, more than half (57%) of participants said they would opt for …


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New Study Reveals Consumer Preferences for Plant-Based Products Across Four Countries

Sustainability and health concerns are driving consumers to plant-based meat alternatives, but the taste experience of these products remains inadequate, according to research conducted by Kerry. Flexitarians continue to drive the market In 2022, Kerry surveyed more than 1,500 consumers in four countries – the US, the UK, Australia and Brazil – to determine sensory expectations for plant-based burgers and cheese alternatives. The research found that flexitarians, the key consumer …


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Panel of Judges Decide Which Plant-Based Products Compare the Most to Beef, Chicken, Fish and Pork

Consumer Reports Magazine contacts vegconomist to report it has published The Meat Lovers’ Guide to Plant-Based Meat, analyzing 32 plant-based products in the categories of “beef” burgers, “chicken” nuggets and fillets, and “pork” sausages and “fish”, to reveal which plant-based products compare the most to their animal counterparts. For the evaluation, the judges assessed on the basis of nutrition and taste. To obtain a nutrition score, CR evaluated the products …


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ProVeg Report Reveals Impact of Ukraine War on Plant-Based Sector

With conflict continuing in Ukraine, food awareness organization ProVeg International surveyed European plant-based firms about the impacts of the crisis on plant-based industry. The report, which surveyed 31 European countries between 1st and 20th April, finds that 61% have seen higher prices for raw ingredients, with the same number reporting supply shortages. In particular, there is a scarcity of sunflower oil as Ukraine is the world’s biggest exporter of sunflower …


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Deforestation Could be Halved by Replacing 20% of Beef With Microbial Protein

Research conducted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) has found that deforestation could be halved if a fifth of beef is replaced with microbial protein by 2050. This type of protein is produced via fermentation, using microbes grown in cultures. The process is similar to producing bread or beer, and was first used to make protein products as long ago as the 1980s. For the new study, …


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Report Says 50% of Brits Will Be Vegan or Vegetarian by 2040

A report commissioned by No Meat May has found that by 2040, 50% of UK consumers will avoid meat and 15% of will be fully vegan. The research was conducted by food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye, who previously predicted the pandemic. Dr. Gaye’s research also found that within two decades, Generation Z will no longer see meat as masculine and will be ashamed to buy it in public. Reportedly, almost …


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$52 Trillion Investor Group FAIRR Warns of “Apollo-13” Moment for Meat and Dairy 

FAIRR has called the recent IPCC Assessment Report a “red flag to investors”, following its scathing figures on climate change impact for the meat and dairy industry. The FAIRR Initiative, a collaborative investor network with $52 trillion assets, has warned the destructive industry of its “Apollo-13” moment, with investors shifting capital in the food industry’s much-needed low-carbon transition.  The Apollo-13 moment refers to the meat industry’s necessity to broadly embrace …


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Pandemic Sees Alt Protein Investments Soar to $4.8Bn in 2021, Impossible Foods in the Lead

The newly released AgFunder 2022 Agrifoodtech Investment Report reveals that the Innovative Food category, encompassing alt protein companies across plant-based, cell-cultured, fermentation and functional ingredients, raised $4.8 billion last year with a 102% YOY growth, representing 9.3% of all Agri Food Tech. The report states that much of this growth is due to the effects of Covid 19, which as our readers are aware, has highlighted myriad issues around health …


The Future of Protein Report


First-of-Its-Kind “The Future of Protein” Report Features 30 Curated Opinions from Alt Protein Experts

TrueInvestor, an international community of investors in the agrifood space, has released The Future of Protein – its first Global Investor Trend Report. Unlike other research reports, The Future of Protein features 30 written contributions from leading experts in the cultivated, fermentation and plant-based fields. Notable excerpts are highlighted here.  Fermentation is outperforming cultivated meat “While cultured meat is not going to be realistically viable in less than a decade …