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Plant-Based Diets Combat the Obesity and Climate Crises, says top EU scientific advisor

Plant-based diets promote human health, combat climate change, and foster a more sustainable food system, highlights Eric Lambin, a member of the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors and co-author of Towards Sustainable Food Consumption. In a recent interview published in Horizon magazine, Lambin, a geography and sustainability science professor at UCLouvain, Belgium, discussed the need for a more sustainable and healthy food system.  “We are now facing a public health crisis – with widespread overweight, obesity and malnutrition issues — and a global environmental crisis,” he told Horizon. To tackle obesity and climate change, Lambin recommends shifting towards plant-based diets, emphasizing legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, reducing meat consumption, and prioritizing sustainably sourced fish and seafood. He also noted the need to reduce …


A 3D printer lays down used coffee grounds to make a flower pot

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3D Printing with Used Coffee Grounds to Reduce Waste & Help Eliminate Plastic

In a novel initiative led by Michael Rivera, an Assistant Professor at the ATLAS Institute and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, researchers are working on leveraging coffee grounds to reduce waste in 3D printing. Rivera and his team have devised a method for 3D printing various objects using a paste comprising recycled coffee grounds, water, and other sustainable components. The project is perceived as an initial step towards the exploration of alternative eco-friendly 3D printing materials, which could potentially replace conventional plastics. Rivera expounded that the majority of consumer 3D printers in today’s market utilize thermoplastics, with polylactic acid (PLA) being the most prevalent. While PLA is theoretically compostable, only a limited number of composting facilities accept it. “If …


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Study: Replacing Half of Animal Foods With Alternatives Could Almost Halt Deforestation

A new study published in Nature Communications has found that replacing half of the animal foods consumed worldwide with plant-based meat and dairy alternatives could have significant environmental benefits. The research suggests that net forest loss could be “almost fully halted” if this change is made, with greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land use declining by 31% in 2050 compared to 2020. In this scenario, around 653 Mha of agricultural land could be spared and restored to forest, doubling climate benefits. Furthermore, water use could be reduced by 10%. Replacing 50% of animal foods with plants could also reduce the rate of biodiversity loss from 2.1% to 0.9% by 2050. If 90% of animal foods were replaced, biodiversity loss would actually reverse between 2030 …


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COP28 Set to Finally Address Food System for Climate Change, Catering Will Be “Predominantly” Plant-Based

COP28, the annual UN environmental summit taking place this year in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, will emphasize the imperative of a global dietary shift to combat climate change, representing the first time the event has addressed food system change as part of climate disaster mitigation. Notably, unlike previous COP events, the COP28 Presidency has also committed to predominantly plant-based catering along with emissions labelling on food. Additionally, it will introduce a dedicated Food Day and mark the debut of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) roadmap to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, a coalition of NGOs will once again hold a Food4Climate Pavilion, marking the second time that COP has hosted the Pavilion, the only dedicated Pavilion to …


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UK Government Bodies Announce Plans for £15M Sustainable Protein Hub

Two UK government funding bodies have recently announced intentions to establish a £15 million sustainable protein research hub, marking the largest single public investment the UK has made in plant-based and cultivated meat to date. The centre will focus especially on the commercialisation of high-quality innovations and the development of the next-gen sustainable proteins. Its announcement comes on the heels of recently released research from Green Alliance research which found the UK’s sustainable protein industry could be worth up to £6.8 billion annually and create 25,000 jobs by 2035 The earmarked funds, from Biotechnical and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and Innovate UK are set to enable businesses and researchers to carry out projects such as the upscaling of production and reduction of costs in …


Singapore NTU scientists with jackfruit developments

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Singapore: Scientists Are Developing Sustainable Process to Produce Lactic Acid from Jackfruit Seeds

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a sustainable and effective technique to produce lactic acid using discarded jackfruit seeds. Lactic acid plays an indispensable role in the industrial production and preservation of many foods. It is used at various stages of making staple foods like bread, yogurt, cheese, kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles. In 2022, around 1.5 million tons of lactic acid were produced worldwide. Lactic acid is added to dairy products to add flavor, controls the acidity of jams and canned fruit, and extends the shelf life of packaged meat products. When baking, lactic acid provides better texture and volume to the dough. In addition, lactic acid helps emulsify dressings and sauces and preserves the bright colors of fruit and vegetables. …


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$7.3 Trillion Investor Group Urges G20 to Reform “Harmful” Agricultural Subsidies

An investor coalition managing $7.3 trillion in assets has signed a statement urging the G20 group to reform “harmful” agricultural subsidies by 2030 to transition to net zero GHG emissions and restore nature by 2050.  Backed by 32 investors, including Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) and French financial company BNP Paribas, this initiative represents the coalition’s first effort before the G20 summit in India this September. Also, it’s the latest policy engagement from the $70 trillion-backed FAIRR Initiative, which has been warning of an “Apollo 13” moment for the meat and dairy industry since last year. Jeremy Coller, founder of FAIRR, said: “Globally, governments are setting bold climate and nature goals, but in the same breath are undermining those ambitions with almost $500 billion in harmful …



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Scientific Review Urges Switch to Plant-Based Diets as Preparation for Climate Change Emergencies

The nonprofit organization Center for Biological Diversity has released a new scientific review showing that switching to plant-based diets can help address the public health challenges that arise from climate change-related emergencies. Healthy plant-based diets are crucial in preventing and controlling chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and hypertension, associated with poor dietary choices. A healthy population reduces the demand for a stressed healthcare system, enhancing individual and public resilience in climate and public health crises, argues the report. “Most people in the United States have at least one diet-related chronic disease, and that makes them extremely vulnerable in a disaster,” said Mark Rifkin, senior food and agriculture policy specialist at the Center for Biological Diversity and author of the review. Preparing for …


Sorted Food & Prince William

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Celebrities Offer £1M for Prince William to Add Plant-Based Category to Earthshot Prize

A league of high-profile media figures, including three Oscar winners, have written an open letter to Prince William, head of The Royal Foundation‘s Earthshot Prize, which rewards £1 million to five businesses working on environmental projects so that they can continue their endeavors. One prize last year was awarded to NotPla, innovators in algae-based alternatives to plastic. The letter urges the organizers to include a new category that rewards innovations in plant-based food for their role in protecting the planet. Along with the request for the establishment of an “Advance a Plant-Based Food System” category, the £1 million prize for this category has been offered by international NGO Generation Vegan. The open letter begins: Your Royal Highness Prince William, Earthshot Prize Council Member Sir David …


Meatiply duck breast

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Report: Alt Proteins Must Account for Over 50% of Asia’s Protein Production by 2060

A report by Singapore-based Asia Research Engagement has found that alt proteins will play a key role in tackling the climate crisis in Asian countries. According to the researchers, it will be impossible to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C without food system change. They recommend that the production of animal protein will need to start declining by 2030, while alt proteins should account for over 50% of protein production in most countries by 2060. This is especially important in Asia, as it is home to a large proportion of the world’s population and meat consumption is currently rising as incomes increase. The report calculates projected emissions from protein production in ten major Asian economies — China, India, Indonesia, Japan, …


Nobell Foods Pizza Futures

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Nobell Foods Launches Campaign Exploring Impact of Climate Change on the Future of Pizza

Nobell Foods, a US-based producer of cheeses made with animal-free dairy proteins, has launched a new campaign exploring how climate change could affect the production of pizza. Called Pizza Futures, it consists of a report, limited-run magazine, and public service campaign designed to create change by using pizza as a symbol of how current lifestyles could be threatened by issues such as crop failure. The campaign explores 30 data-driven scenarios of how the future of pizza could look, some where the challenges of climate change have been responded to and others where they have not. The scenarios include solutions such as cultivated ingredients and pizza vending machines that recycle food waste, but these are contrasted with a future where pizza is an expensive luxury item …


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PENNY Charges “True Cost” of Nine Products, Leading to Huge Rise in Meat & Cheese Prices

For one week, German discounter PENNY is charging the “true cost” of nine of its products to illustrate their impact on the environment. The campaign has led to a huge rise in the cost of some animal products, with Viennese sausages up 88% and Maasdam cheese becoming a staggering 94% more expensive. However, the cost of vegan schnitzel has risen by just 5%. The costs have been calculated in collaboration with the Technical University of Nuremberg and the University of Greifswald, taking into account all environmental damage caused by producing the foods. This includes the impact on soil, water, emissions, and more. The additional income from the price rises will be donated to environmental projects. “We see that many of our customers are suffering from …


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Vegan Diets Slash Emissions by 75%, According to “Most Detailed Study Yet”

A new UK study has assessed the environmental impact of high-meat, low-meat, vegetarian, and vegan diets, conclusively showing that avoiding animal products has significant benefits for the planet. Described as the most detailed research of its kind ever to be done, the study looked at the real eating habits of 55,000 people, as opposed to using model diets like many previous reports. It found that low-meat diets have half the emissions and land use of high-meat diets, while adopting a vegan diet can halve these figures again — totalling a 75% reduction. Plant-based diets were also demonstrated to reduce water use by 54%, wildlife destruction by 66%, and methane production by a huge 93%. Overall, the research concluded that if everyone in the UK ate …


Plant-rich food at COP27

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Plant-Based Food to Be Served at COP28 Following Outreach by Youth Activists

The presidency of the COP28 climate summit has written to youth activists from the groups YOUNGO (Youth Climate Movement) and Food@COP to confirm that plant-based foods will be available at the event. It follows a letter sent by the groups with the help of ProVeg International, which called for at least three-quarters of the menu at COP28 to be plant-based. Additionally, the letter suggested that the food should be affordable, nutritious, culturally inclusive, sourced locally where possible, and feature clear emissions labeling. The response from the presidency confirms that the latter requests will be met, but there is currently no indication of what percentage of the food served will be plant-based. However, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber — the UAE COP28 President-Designate who signed the letter …


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Sonic Milling & Federated Co-operatives Introduce Gold PURE Oat Beverages in Ecolean Packaging

Canadian company Pacific Ridge (PACRIDGE), which owns Sonic Milling, is introducing a new, more sustainable and nutritious way to process oats for plant-based beverages. The new Gold PURE oat beverages will be available in Canadian Co-op grocery stores as a result of a partnership between Sonic Milling and Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). The two organizations said they came together through their shared mission to develop community-focused and sustainable food. The technology introduced by Sonic Milling for processing oats is intended to guarantee a sustainable and nutritious drink. “Our goal is to increase access to better quality, more nutritious and more sustainable plant-based products,” said PACRIDGE Chief Executive Officer Ken Grenier. “The strong synergies with FCL have resulted in a perfect partnership to trial our Sonic …


Ecojet electric airline

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Ecotricity Founder to Launch “World’s First” Electric Airline, Serving Only Plant-Based Meals

Dale Vince, the founder of British renewable energy firm Ecotricity, has announced plans to launch what he claims will be the world’s first electric airline. Called Ecojet, the airline will use conventional planes retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains. On-board fuel cells will produce electricity by mixing hydrogen with oxygen from the air, producing only water as a byproduct. This will generate the same power output as conventional aircraft, but with a one-hundred percent reduction in CO2 emissions. There will also be other carbon-saving measures on board; all inflight meals will be plant-based, there will be no single-use plastic, and staff members will be issued with eco-friendly uniforms. Ecojet flights will begin next year between Edinburgh and Southampton, though conventional fuel will initially be used to help …


Daiya LEED Certified Offices

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Daiya’s State-of-the-Art Plant-Based Food Facility Earns Coveted LEED Certification

Plant-based cheese leader Daiya announces it has received LEED certification for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and offices in Burnaby, British Columbia. In doing so, Daiya states the Canadian site is the largest plant-based food facility in North America to receive the coveted environmental certification.  According to Daiya, obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) recognition has been critical to its mission of producing high-quality dairy-free alternatives with minimal impact on the planet. The company’s Burnaby plant is said to be the largest stand-alone plant-based food facility in North America, and Daiya went “beyond what is expected of brands” to earn the distinction. Some of the programs and processes it implemented include: Designing both office and production facilities to use less energy with high-efficiency LEED …


Food4Climate Pavilion at COP28

Food4Climate Pavilion, image courtesy ProVeg International

Leverage Business Opportunities and Support Food System Change at COP28

With global temperatures reaching record-breaking heights last week, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) at the latter end of the year might seem like it can’t come quickly enough. The 28th session of the Conference of Parties (COP), taking place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12 2023, will see national delegates gathering to discuss global action on climate change. There, they will agree on common goals and commitments, and negotiate measures to reduce emissions and pollution. Recently, ProVeg International published an article on its New Food Hub uncovering its upcoming Food4Climate Pavilion at COP28, which it will be hosting for the second time. What’s all the hype about the Food4Climate Pavilion? This special forum is ProVeg International’s way of putting food system transformation …


Princess Maja modular homes

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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Presents the First Vegan Modular Homes With EH40 Certificate

Designer Princess Maja of Hohenzollern presented her vegan Modular Homes designed by Maja Princess of Hohenzollern at the NEW HOUSING fair in Karlsruhe and received a lot of positive feedback. “We are overrun with enquiries,” says Princess Maja. Private individuals as well as holiday resort operators and cities and municipalities are among the interested parties. The Modular Homes by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern are reportedly the first vegan modular homes on the market, are available from 30 m2- 300 m2, flexibly expandable, comply with the new EH40 energy standards, are sustainable, affordable, and quickly available internationally. The futuristic Modular Homes were designed by Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern to be adaptable to any stage of life. Each Modular Home has an efficient modern floor plan that …


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Scientists Say Europeans Must Eat “As Little Animal Products as Possible”

Scientists have told the European Commission that people must eat “as little animal products as possible” to combat climate change. Professor Erik Mathijs, chair of the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) Working Group, made the comment following the publication of the group’s new report, Towards Sustainable Food Consumption. The white paper was requested by the Commission to support the revision of its Farm to Fork agri-food strategy. Describing reduced animal product consumption as “the key mitigation option” for climate change, the report calls for policy measures such as taxes or bans on some unsustainable products, and reformulations of others. It also emphasises the benefits of plant-based diets in tackling chronic diseases, obesity, and biodiversity loss. “Crucial solution” The importance of reducing animal …