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Students are Helping to Combat Climate Change With Veganism

As reported by the Telegraph, Goldsmiths University in London has announced it will remove all beef products from its cafe and shops as part of its mission to become carbon neutral by 2025. The newly appointed warden of Goldsmiths, Frances Corner, commented that that “declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words.”




UN Climate Report: Change to Vegan Diet Could Free Millions of Kilometres of Forest & Reduce CO2 Emissions by Eight Billion Tonnes a Year

Today an official summary of the latest UN report has been released, as a means to inform the upcoming climate negotiations and advise about the global climate crisis. It says that by 2050, dietary changes could free millions of square kilometres of land, and reduce global CO2 emissions by up to eight billion tonnes per year.


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Bill Gates: Environmental Benefits of Cultured Meat “Sketchy at Best” – The Experts Respond

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MIT Technology Review published last week their annual Ten Breakthrough Technologies edition, this time curated by Bill Gates in a piece titled, “Bill Gates: How we’ll invent the future.” In his list of technologies he believes will shape the future, Gates includes the “cow-free burger” and discusses how “lab-grown meat improves our quality of life.”


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Hong Kong: Vegan Pioneer Yeung Calls for Meat Renunciation for Environmental Reasons

David Yeung, co-founder of the vegan food chain Green Common and the Green Mondays campaign in Hong Kong, recently spoke at the Sustainable Foods Summit in Singapore about the negative consequences of continued high meat consumption in Asia. He drew attention to the catastrophic environmental consequences of animal product consumption. “The combination of climate change, food insecurity and health problems means that we are at a very critical stage in the history of the planet,” Yeung said. “If we do nothing, we will move the boundaries and no one knows how that will affect us. If we continue to consume as we do now, our food system and our ecosystem will collapse.” According to Yeung, the more than 1.5 billion livestock cows in the world …


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Study: Plant-Based Diets up to 84% More Environmentally Friendly than Omnivorous Diets

One of the main reasons why many consumers want to become vegan is the comparatively high eco-friendliness of a plant-based diet. A new study published in “The Lancet Planetary Health” shows that this argument is supported by scientific evidence. The study shows a direct link between human health, environmental sustainability and safe food sources. The results of the study suggest that a vegan diet pollutes the environment 42-84 percent less than a meat-based diet.