LA Signing Plant-Based Treaty

Councilmember Paul Koretz ©Plant Based Treaty

Los Angeles City Council Votes Unanimously to Endorse Global Plant-Based Treaty

On Oct. 18th, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Plant Based Treaty, potentially becoming the largest US city to support the global initiative, pending Mayor Eric Garcetti’s vote.  Introduced by Councilmembers Paul Koretz and Marqueece Harris-Dawson on September 6th, the Treaty calls for governments to restore global ecological systems by freezing the expansion of animal agriculture, halting deforestation, and promoting a shift to healthy, sustainable plant-based diets.  “LA is historically known to lead the nation in environmental trends,” said Jane Velez-Mitchell, journalist and UnChainedTV founder. “What happens in LA spreads to the rest of the world.” LA’s endorsement comes just ahead of the C40 World Mayors Climate Summit, taking place Oct. 19-21 in Buenos Aires. According to the Plant Based …


Climate change and global warming concept. Children sitting on drying lake with the sky turning orange by an pollution from industrial or city.

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High Meat Consumption Endangers Global Food Supply Concludes Report

PwC Strategy& recently launched a report entitled “The Coming Sustainable Food Revolution,” which concludes that the current food production model is jeopardizing the future global food supply. The greatest threat, it finds, comes from the unsustainable farming practices needed to supply the high demand for meat consumption. The report also emphasizes that changing eating habits is crucial for minimizing food production impacts on the environment and that future generations will struggle to farm if our practices do not change. Shift is slow but meaningful The current shift in industrialised countries from meat towards a more varied, plant-based diet is slow but meaningful, says the report. According to a new survey, meat consumption is declining in Europe, but seemingly the shift should be more urgent. “Even …


Plant-rich food at COP27

Image: Unsplash / Edgar Castrejon

COP27: Programme for the Food4Climate Pavilion Revealed

The programme for the Food4Climate Pavilion, which will appear at this year’s COP27 summit for the first time ever, has been published. The Pavilion is supported by a range of organisations, including ProVeg International, Compassion in World Farming, and Food Tank. It will highlight the need to change the food system in order to meet climate targets. The venue will host daily talks, with opportunities for delegates from UN member states to network with NGOs, the commercial industry, academic institutions, and researchers. The following themes will be discussed: Interaction of science and policy-making to guide food system change Voice of young people on food systems and climate change Just transition for farmers and farming communities Food innovation and protein diversification Adaptation and Agriculture Day: an …


Reebok/ National Geographic Shoe Collection


Reebok and National Geographic Launch Vegan Shoe Collection Inspired by Endangered Species

British athletic wear company Reebok and National Geographic have partnered to launch a new footwear collection inspired by the world’s endangered species, including the Nano X2 Grow and Club C 85 Vegan. Debuting Oct. 4th, the collection is also influenced by National Geographic’s award-winning visual storytelling and is made without any animal-based products. The collection features the following designs: Club C 85 Vegan – A version of the Club C shoe that honors sixteen endangered species with unique patterns dedicated to different animals, including the Galapagos Penguin, Black Rhino, Eastern Gorilla, Ring-tailed Lemur and Fiji Banded Iguana. Nano X2 Grow “Formidable Species”  – A plant-based version of Reebok’s popular Nano X2 training shoes, featuring patterns showcasing such as the Grizzly Bear, Puffer Fish, Poison Dart …


Plant-Based Egg Substitute


PURIS Launches AcreMade Plant-Based Egg Made From Upcycled Peas

PURIS, a leading supplier of pea protein in North America, announces the launch of its first consumer brand: AcreMade plant-based eggs. Its debut product, the Plant-Based Egg Substitute, is a shelf-stable powder that can be scrambled, cooked or baked.  Described as a “game-changer” for egg-based cooking, AcreMade’s Plant-Based Eggs are nutritionally comparable to traditional eggs with 5 grams of protein per serving and zero grams of cholesterol. The eggs are also free from the top nine allergens, including gluten and soy.  According to AcreMade, it is the only brand to use yellow field peas as the main protein source for a plant-based egg. The brand’s Upcycled Certified™pea starch benefits the environment by helping to build soil health and requiring few resources to grow. Upcycled Certified™ …


Tcho Vegan Chocolate


TCHO Converts Entire Product Line to Dairy-Free Chocolate

Craft chocolate brand TCHO announces it has completed its transition to a fully plant-based product line, ceasing its last production of conventional milk chocolate in September. The company first revealed plans to make its entire range dairy-free by 2023 last year, and says it has now achieved that goal ahead of schedule. TCHO already released its first plant-based retail chocolate bars and home baking chocolates in late 2021. To reformulate its professional baking line without dairy, TCHO says it worked closely with a network of chefs and baking professionals to evaluate new formulas. Once the formulas satisfied expectations, TCHO released two new alternatives: Oat My Gawd 46%, an oat milk-based chocolate that replaces its dark milk chocolate, and Choco Blanco, the brand’s first white chocolate.  …


Mind Blown w/ Kelp Seaweed

©The Plant Based Seafood Co.

Mind Blown Seafood to Debut New Shrimp, Scallops and Crab Cakes Made with Atlantic Sea Farms Kelp

Alt seafood brand Mind Blown Plant-Based Seafood and kelp producer Atlantic Sea Farms announce they are partnering to incorporate new kelp ingredients in Mind Blown’s award-winning product line.  Beginning in mid-October, Atlantic’s umami-rich kelp will be added to Mind Blown Dusted Shrimp and Dusted Scallops, followed by Mind Blown Crab Cakes in 2023. The new products will launch at all 300+ Sprouts Farmers Markets across the US.  Grown via Atlantic’s regenerative aquaculture, kelp is a carbon-negative and hyper-efficient crop that requires zero inputs from fertilizer, pesticides, feeds or fresh water. Kelp seaweed is also one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, with high levels of iodine, antioxidants, potassium, iron, and the highest natural concentration of calcium found in any food.  Both Mind Blown …


the fruit of the palm oil used for palm oil production

© Clean Food Group

EU Parliament Backs Proposed Law to Ban Products Linked to Deforestation

Members of the European Parliament have backed a proposal for a law that would ban the sale of agricultural products linked to deforestation. Once the law is approved, businesses will be required to ensure that their agricultural goods do not contribute to deforestation anywhere in the world. The legislation will cover soy, cattle, palm oil, wood, cocoa, and coffee. It may also be extended to include meat from pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry, along with maize, rubber, charcoal, and printed paper products. As an extension of the law, MEPs propose that goods should be produced in accordance with human rights provisions and in a way that respects the rights of indigenous people. They also suggest that banks and financial institutions should be covered by the …


Plant-rich food at COP27

Image: Unsplash / Edgar Castrejon

160 NGOs Urge Egypt to Serve Plant-Rich Food at COP27

Food awareness organisations ProVeg International and 50by40 are leading a group of 160 NGOs which is calling for Egypt to serve plant-rich food at COP27. The NGOs have sent a joint letter to the Egyptian COP27 steering group suggesting that delegates attending the ten-day climate conference should be served plant-based meals throughout. They emphasise that Egyptian cuisine would be ideally suited because it is rich in plant foods. “In a time of climate crisis and growing hunger, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, it is a moral imperative to serve food that has the least climate footprint and allows for global equitable food distribution,” said Lasse Bruun, CEO of 50by40. Food pavilions at COP27 For the first time ever, this year’s COP summit will feature …


FAIRR Initiative

©FAIRR Initiative

FAIRR and GFI Launch New ESG Reporting Tool for Alt Protein Industry

Alternative protein companies now have a new tool to report environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts to investors and others. Recently launched by FAIRR, a world leader investor network on ESG, and the Good Food Institute (GFI), the reporting tool provides businesses with two different frameworks for disclosing the sustainability of alternative protein products. FAIRR Founder and Chair Jeremy Coller declared in an interview for AFN: “We expect that FAIRR’s members, representing $68trillion AuM, will welcome the frameworks as a further tool in their investment process.” One tool, two frameworks For the tool’s development, each organisation added its expertise. FAIRR contributed its knowledge of ESG concerns, and the GFI helped with its authority in the alternative proteins sector.  According to AFN, 38 companies and investors …



New PM Liz Truss Urged to Prioritise Meat Reduction to “Avoid the Prospect of Eco-System Collapse”

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK (PBFA) has implored Liz Truss, the new UK Prime Minister, to update the government’s food strategy to address the current global climate and food crises.  According to the Alliance, the food strategy’s white paper that was made public last June was a missed opportunity that did not even consider the government’s own climate advisors’ recommendations on the inclusion of meat reduction targets of 30% by 2030. The organisation urges the government to rewrite its food strategy and include time-bound targets for reducing meat and dairy consumption to make it fit in a century in which climate resilience and food security must become a priority. “Setting targets for meat reduction is no longer a radical measure. Institutions from the UN to …



©Plant Based Foods Association

PBFA Launches New Institute to Drive Transition to Plant-Based Food System

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) announces the launch of a sister non-profit, The Plant Based Foods Institute (PBFI.) Led by food systems experts and industry pioneers, the Institute aims to drive transition to a plant-based food system by advancing key business and policy initiatives.  While the PBFA works to expand access to plant-based foods in the marketplace, PBFI’s goal is to cultivate solutions that shift government policies, agricultural practices, and demand toward a regenerative plant-based food system. To accomplish this, the organization will work with stakeholders to identify and implement effective strategies and approaches. Its board members include: Rachel Dreskin, CEO, PBFI and PBFA Jaime Athos, CEO, The Tofurky Company Matt Dunaj, CFO & VP of Operations, Follow Your Heart Tyler Whitely, Director, Transfarmation …


Fresh Bellies Gluten-Free Vegan Snacks

©Fresh Bellies

How Fresh Bellies is Using Drought-Resistant Sorghum to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Snacking Empire

As severe drought continues to impact the US supply of wheat and cotton, one snack brand is championing the use of an ancient, sustainable grain that requires little to no water to thrive. Healthy and Earth-friendly Fresh Bellies, founded by entrepreneur Saskia Sorrosa, makes healthy puffed snacks using sorghum – a drought-tolerant grain that is also low in fat, gluten-free and rich in protein and fiber. Fresh Bellies, whose range includes snacks for preschoolers and toddlers as well as adults, says its products are some of the first vegan, non-GMO offerings to feature the eco-friendly “super grain.” The brand uses sorghum in its new Groovie Veggie Bites, a puffed snack available in a variety of flavors including Broc ‘n Roll, Shroomtastic and Turn Up the Beet. …


ISH Food Plant-Based Shrimp


Thai Union and Chicken of the Sea Form Alliance with Alt-Seafood Brand The ISH Food Company

Global tuna giant Thai Union and Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods announce an alliance with US alt-seafood brand The ISH Food Company. The alliance will leverage Thai Union and Chicken of the Sea’s marketing and distribution channels to invest in sustainable seafood, making such options available to more consumers at affordable prices. Since 2016, Thai Union has actively developed its SeaChange sustainability strategy, as environmental stewardship is increasingly a primary concern for seafood consumers. In a survey conducted with Wakefield Research, Chicken of the Sea reveals grocery and foodservice executives and buyers were surprised to receive requests for plant-based (35%) and lab-grown (31%) seafood products this year. “We are excited to expand our reach within the alternative protein space through this alliance with The …


COP27 Food Systems Pavilion

Image: UN

COP27 Food Systems Pavilion to “Put Food Centre Stage” in Fight Against Climate Change

A coalition of 15 food organisations has announced it will be hosting a Food Systems Pavilion at COP27, the United Nations’ climate change conference. The diverse group features policymakers, scientists, farmers, youth, and more, with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors all represented. The co-hosts are Clim-Eat, Coalition of Action for Soil Health (CA4SH), EIT Food, Environmental Defense Fund, FOLU, Good Food Institute, Infarm, SNV, and Yara International. Session partners are Aleph Farms, Food Tank, Just Rural Transition, One Acre Fund, and Rabobank, while supporting partners are World Farmers’ Organisation, World Food Forum, YPARD, IAAS World, and YOUNGO. COP and food system change Despite the huge proportion of emissions that originate from the food industry, this will be the first year that COP has featured …