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COO & Co-Founder Samet Yildirim, CEO & Co-Founder Patricia Bubner, CTO & Co-Founder Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay © Orbillion

Orbillion Bio to Bring Cultivated Meats Inc Wagyu Beef to 35 European Countries

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio yesterday announced a new partnership with Dutch specialty meat distributor Luiten Food to go-to-market in 35 European countries. The Silicon Valley-based cultivated meat startup is working on heritage meats such as bison, elk, lamb, and wagyu beef, claiming it will be able to achieve price parity by as early as 2026, as well as commodity pricing for beef in 2030. The startup is dedicated to democratising access to cultivated meat on an international level, with its new partnership opening 35 European markets to introduce the next generation of meat. From cell to product According to Orbillion Bio co-founder Patricia Bubner, developing a path from cell to product is the next level that cultivated meat companies must reach to achieve a marketable …



Oatly And DKSH Expand Partnership as Malaysian Plant-Based Scene Continues to Thrive

As Malaysia continues to grow into a plant-based hub, following neighboring countries Hong Kong and Singapore, DKSH Malaysia announces plans to support Oatly Asia through its market expansion services. DKSH Business Unit Consumer Goods, a leading partner for FMCG companies seeking to grow their business in Asia and beyond, has announced an expanded partnership with Oatly Asia to expand the presence of the oat milk pioneer in Malaysia. Malaysia catches up in the plant-based game While many plant-based offerings in local supermarkets and restaurants are imported from Hong Kong or Singapore, the domestic industry for plant-based alternatives is starting to grow significantly. In June 2022, Malaysian plant-based producer Phuture Foods announced a series of new partnerships with leading Asian brands to strengthen its position in …


Fresh Factory listed

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Plant-Based Accelerator Backed by Kimbal Musk Debuts on Canadian Stock Exchange

The Fresh Factory, a vertically integrated platform for launching clean-label plant-based foods, announced it has joined the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE symbol: FRSH) in a bid to attract that country’s venture capitalists. Headquartered just outside of Chicago, The Fresh Factory was created to accelerate the growth of healthier plant-based products. Led by a team of food and marketing veterans, including good food advocate Kimbal Musk, it operates a fully-equipped manufacturing facility that can quickly launch and scale innovative new brands. Such speed is invaluable, according to the company, because most current food and beverage infrastructure is designed for large brands with huge production runs, and is thus often limited and inefficient. In contrast, Fresh Factory’s flexibility and smaller run sizes allow it to meet the …


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Odd Burger Enters European Market, Now Trading On Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Odd Burger, the first vegan fast-food chain to go public, today announces it has entered the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to begin trade in the European market, and that it has received eligibility from the Depository Trust Company (DTC), enabling its stock to be more easily purchased by US investors. The Toronto-based company has begun trade under the symbol IA9 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the twelfth largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, and the largest in Germany. In addition, Odd Burger has changed its U.S. ticker symbol on the OTCQB to ODDAF.   Odd Burger currently operates six locations, plus four in development, with plans to have 20 restaurants operational by this time next year throughout the US and Canada. Previously known …


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US Yogurt Maker Chobani Files for Expected $10Bn IPO Following 14% Sales Increase 

Greek yogurt maker Chobani has filed for an IPO and will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol CHO, with the equity sale expected to value the business at over $10 billion. The New York-based company has been moving increasingly into alt dairy with a selection of plant-based offerings along with its conventional lines.  Meaning shepherd in Turkish, Chobani was founded in 2005 by Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant to the US who bought an old yogurt plant with a small loan. The company revealed its finances for the first time in its filing for an IPO, showing a nearly 14% jump in net sales. Chobani has expanded with a plant-based range of oat-based drinks, cultured oat blends, dairy-free Greek yogurts, and probiotic drinks …


Beyond Burger 3.0

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Beyond Meat Shares Drop as Revenue Falls Short of Expectations  

Beyond Meat’s stock dropped 19% in premarket trading this Thursday after the company reported a loss in its third-quarter financial results. Higher costs ate into profits while revenue fell short of analysts’ estimates. “We believe we are steadily executing against our vision of being tomorrow’s global protein company” – Ethan Brown The alt meat giant also disappointed investors with its revenue outlook for the fourth quarter, with revenue down 13.9% compared with a year ago, owing to weaker grocery demand. The company has been investing significantly in new product development of late, including its alt chicken offering and a host of new potential markets. “Our third quarter results reflect variability as we saw a decline from record net revenues just a quarter ago. Despite current …


Beyond Investing

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Invest In High Growth Plant-based Companies With Beyond Investing’s Vegan World Index

World’s first targeted exposure to vegan companies with accelerating sales provided by Beyond Investing, the vegan investing pioneers, via its Swiss-listed Vegan World Index Certificate. Supermarket shelves in the current climate are bursting with plant-based food in every aisle. Fast food outlets, high street cafes, and chain restaurants are all consistently introducing vegan options. But how to direct your investments towards the animal-free economy?  Surely if all these companies are launching products and increasing sales, it must be possible to invest in them and profit from their growth? Whilst a few of these companies might be found in a conventional investment fund, they’ll sit next to meat and dairy producers, whose profits are under threat from changing consumer preferences. That’s why Beyond Investing, which made …


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Bryan Adams-Backed bettermoo(d) Considers Public Listing

Plant-based dairy alternative company bettermoo(d) announces the completion of its Moodrink and reveals its upcoming product launches. Furthermore, bettermoo(d) announces the signature of an agreement with Happy Supplements Inc., for a potential public transaction that would result in the Company shares being listed on the Canadian securities exchange. Upon successful negotiations and mutual agreement, the company is poised to complete the major transaction, whereby Happy Supplements would acquire all the outstanding share capital of bettermoo(d) for consideration of 9 million shares and 10 million warrants in Happy Supplements. bettermoo(d)’s unique selling proposition lays in the company’s claim that its plant-based dairy products achieve a matching taste profile with the best-tasting dairy in the world sourced in Alpine regions. In order to emulate the taste of …


More Food Innotech More Meat

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Thailand’s V Foods Plans Public Listing Following Thai Union Deal

Thai plant-based food and beverage producer V Foods has announced its intention to list on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) to raise funds for expansion. Owned by Apirak Kosayodhin, the former Bangkok governor, V Foods transformed into a fully plant-based operation earlier this year to meet rising demand in Thailand.  In June this year, V Foods signed a memorandum of understanding with seafood giant Thai Union Group to develop and expand their plant-based food businesses. Under the partnership deal, the two companies will use Thai Union’s facilities to produce V Foods’ range with expansion into global markets high on the agenda. V Foods holds a similar deal with More Food Innotech, producer and distributor of the More Meat plant-based brand. The MAI is a …