Holland & Barrett superstore

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Holland & Barrett Plans Vegan Superstores

The British food retailer Holland & Barrett has confirmed that it is planning a fully vegan superstore in the near future. Although the company’s focus has so far been on healthy food products, the growing demand from consumers for plant-based foods will now be taken further.


Waitrose Supermarkt Außenansicht

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UK: Waitrose Continues to Expand Vegan Range in 2018

Be it an organic retailer, supermarket or discount store, it is evident that the range of plant-based products is being expanded across all sales channels. This is not least due to the emergence of many vegan retail brands. This trend is also being followed in 2018 by the British supermarket giant Waitrose with the expansion of its vegan range.


Blue Diamond Growers Logo

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PBFA Reaches 100-Member Milestone

Almond marketer and producer Blue Diamond Growers has become the 100th member of the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA). Blue Diamond is well known for being the maker of Almond Breeze, America’s most popular brand of almond milk. It also produces a range of other nut-based foods such as almond flour and Nut-Thins crackers.