• 15 Million People Reached Through Vegan Activism as VegFund Celebrates 10th Year

    Non-profit organisation VegFund has been supporting the vegan movement now for a decade, empowering vegan activists worldwide by funding grant programs including vegan food sampling, video and film screenings, online campaigns, festivals and fairs, learning events, research, and other innovative forms of vegan advocacy.

    The organisation announces as it celebrates its tenth birthday that in total it has awarded $12,674,310 in grants to more than 3,000 grantees in 76 countries. The grantees have conducted 7,270 vegan outreach events, distributed 1,189,987 vegan food samples, and reached more than 15,000,000 people with a vegan message.

    Veg Fund group shot

    Grantee Mike Trabert, of Animal Equality, says: “VegFund’s support of our work has been absolutely critical. It’s helped us reach tens of thousands of people with our investigation footage. It’s helped people understand what we do, and it’s helped really empower activists all over the world as well as the eight countries that we are in. So, I just want to thank VegFund for their support. It’s been absolutely amazing.”

    Executive Director Leslie Barcus says: “As VegFund’s first decade draws to a close, our staff offers thanks to every vegan activist who steps forward, in ways large and small, with hope and optimism in the fight for animals, the environment, and human health. We are profoundly grateful to our board members past and present, our funders, and all who have volunteered their ideas, time, and support to ready VegFund for its second decade.”

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