360 Textile Technologies Celebrates Crowdfunding Success with Waterproof V-TEX Shoes

© 360 Textile Technologies

The British textile manufacturer 360 Textile Technologies has already raised 400% of the financing required for its current crowdfunding campaign. The funding is for its waterproof V-TEX shoes, which offer sporty comfort and are breathable, waterproof, and 100% vegan.

360 Textiles is a British company with a global presence in technical textiles and distribution in Europe, Asia, and the USA. The company, which has over 30 years of experience, is a specialist in membrane technology, polyester fabrics, and polyester nonwovens. It manufactures waterproof products such as shoes, socks, cuffs, and gloves.

The V-TEX shoes are for active lifestyles, and are designed to be worn in wet weather. 360 Textile Technologies has designed a product which offers the wearer a blend of sporty comfort and waterproof protection for the feet and ankles.

Usually, waterproof shoes are made with leather uppers and a heavy rubber outsole. Due to their patented technology, the V-TEX shoes are extremely lightweight and protected by a 360-degree waterproof, breathable membrane which is 100% vegan.

V-TEX shoes are vegan, durable and long-lasting, use “breathable nano-technology”, and use antibacterial and heat-resistant materials. The V-TEX shoes are available in a range of colours and sizes from the company’s crowdfunding page.