• Aleph Farms Founder Launches Yeap Upcycled Yeast to Disrupt the Alt Protein Market

    Yeap upcycled yeast could be on the cusp of providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable protein to seriously disrupt the plant-based industry. The brainchild of cultivated meat pioneer Didier Toubia – CEO of Aleph Farms – Israel-based Yeap leverages spent yeast after fermentation. 

    “A protein that can do it all; flavorful, clean, nutritious, sustainable, and last but not least, inexpensive” 

    As first reported by Food Navigator, Yeap’s technology develops protein from yeast that is a byproduct from other industries, including breweries. The process is further simplified by the fact that any yeast strain can be used by Yeap to create a functional concentrated protein. 

    Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO, Aleph Farms
    Didier Toubia ©Aleph Farms

    The protein will be a cost-effective alternative for various food segments, including the alt dairy and alt meat markets currently dominated by less sustainable soy and pea proteins. The protein also boasts high emulsion properties for use as an egg or milk alternative.  

    Circular economy model

    Chairman and co-founder of Yeap Didier Toubia is reported to have developed the foundations of the company before starting Aleph Farms, the cultivated meat company also based in Israel. Aleph Farms recently partnered with actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as signing deals with two of Asia’s largest food companies. 

    “Yeap is the world’s first company that produces protein from yeast, incorporating a circular economy model,” explains the Yeap team. “A protein that can do it all; flavorful, clean, nutritious, sustainable, and last but not least, inexpensive.” 


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