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3DBT Makes Progress Growing 100% Meat Cultivated Pork Fillet & New Strips with Animal-Free Medium

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Biotech investor BSF Enterprise has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), a biotech company focused on developing bio-equivalent tissues cell ag and for clinical use, has been progressing positively in developing its cultivated meat products.

“We are very pleased with the progress in our Newcastle laboratory”

3DBT is producing and will display its 100% meat cultivated pork fillet and other new 100% meat strips of cultivated pork before the end of Q3, said BSF on social media.

At the end of March, BSF raised £2.9 million to provide working capital for its subsidiary to accelerate its progress and increase its capacity to produce cultivated meat and leather using its animal-free media platform, City-Mix. It creates structured, functional, and scalable tissues without scaffolding as structural support for cell attachment.

In November, the UK-based biotech company announced the successful development of cultivated meat prototypes using its serum-free medium.

In February, after other trials, the company announced the “world’s first” 100% cultivated meat steak. It was grown only from pork cells, with City-Mix — without plant-based scaffolds — making it a unique development.

3DBT's cultivated meat steak
Image courtesy of 3D Bio-Tissues

Animal-free medium

BSF explains that the cultivated meat products made with City-Mix will undergo testing involving data collection, inspection, and analysis in their raw and cooked state.

Recently, 3DBT joined the Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub (CARMA) led by the University of Bath as a project partner. The initiative received an investment of £12 million from the UK government to help British scientists and companies make cultivated meat at scale.  

3D BioTissues will work alongside other partners, providing its expertise and cell and tissueenhancing CityMix products. 

“We are very pleased with the progress in our Newcastle laboratory, as we apply the findings from growing our prototype fillets and strips to refine City-Mix, our patented animal-free cell-boosting medium, and its application,” said Che Connon, CEO of 3DBT on Twitter.

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