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92% of Impossible Burger Sales Come Directly at the Expense of Animal Meat Products

Impossible Foods now supplies its plant-based meat to more than 11,000 retail outlets across all 50 states, a 77X increase in only six months. According to data collected by Numerator, most of these grocery store sales come at the expense of animal-derived meat. Also from today there is a huge nationwide retail rollout in Canada, details below.

According to Impossible Foods, before the COVID-19 pandemic, its plant-powered burger was available in fewer than 150 grocery markets. It can now be purchased at Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery chain, and many other national grocers. And starting this month, the burger will rollout at nearly 1,500 Target stores nationwide. 

The Chicago-based analytics company Numerator revealed some interesting findings about these retail sales:

  • The vast majority of Impossible Foods’ sales over the most recent 13-week period come at the direct expense of animal-derived meat. 
  • 21 cents for every dollar spent on the plant-based burger are incremental to the entire meat category (which includes plant and animal-based meat). Put simply, this means that the Impossible Burger entices consumers to spend 21% more on all categories of meat. 

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  • Nine out of 10 consumers who buy Impossible Burger also regularly eat animal-based foods, concreting the fact that these products are aimed primarily at meat reducers and have the capacity to convert such consumers to plantbased products. 
  • 78 cents per consumer dollar comes from people who are shifting from other categories of plant- and animal-based meat. And within this category, 92% of Impossible Burger sales come directly at the expense of meat derived from animal flesh. To put it simply, the Burger is displacing meat for 72% of total purchases.

“Three out of four Americans now live within 10 miles of a grocery store where they can buy Impossible Burger. And when people cook it at home, they start telling friends and family about it,” said Impossible Foods’ Senior Vice President for Sales Dan Greene. “Our retail surge has become a powerful flywheel for long-term growth.”

Additionally, it was announced today that just two weeks after Impossible’s entrance into Canada, the burger today at hundreds of Canada’s favorite restaurants and popular international chains. Starting today, Impossible Burger is available at nearly 200 additional restaurants coast to coast including White Spot, Triple O’s, Cactus Club Cafe and Burger Priest, QDOBA, Wahlburgers, Red Robin, Joe Beef, Bymark, CHARCUT. Starting next month, all restaurants in Canada will be able to order the Impossible Burger through their distributors. 

Will Impossible Foods usher in the end of animal-based meat in our lifetime? 

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