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Aleph Farms Joins Forces with Chef Marcus Samuelsson to Bring Aleph Cuts to the US, John Kerry Gets a Taste of Petit Steak

Cultivated meat company Aleph Farms today announced that the famous chef Marcus Samuelsson is joining the company as an investor, culinary advisor, and launch partner in the US. 

“This is a game changing moment in the industry to invest in the future”

Samuelsson, a celebrity chef behind 13 restaurants worldwide, is a New York Times best-selling author and a TV personality who, according to Aleph Farms, has dedicated his career to elevating diversity in the culinary world.  

“With his vast experience and focus on creating accessible and inclusive cuisine, Marcus’ insights and expertise are perfectly suited for developing and promoting Aleph Cuts to a wider global audience,” said Didier Toubia, CEO and co-founder of Aleph Farms.

Didier Toubia, Aleph Farms CEO and chef Marcus Samuelsson
Didier Toubia (L) and Marcus Samuelsson © Noi Einav

Launching cultivated meat

Samuelsson will advise the company in a culinary capacity in his new role, including product development and go-to-market strategies. He will work on new ways to cook Aleph Cuts’ first product — an Angus-style thin steak dubbed the Petit Steak — claimed as the world’s first cultivated steak.

Aleph Farms is working closely with regulatory agencies worldwide to introduce its cultivated thin steaks in Singapore and Israel later this year. And when the FDA and USDA grant regulatory approvals, Aleph Cuts will launch in the US, served by the famous chef.

“It’s essential that we look for new ways to feed our planet sustainably, which is why I was attracted to the mission of Aleph Farms and being part, both as a chef and as an investor, in bringing delicious, cultivated meat to the table,” said Samuelsson. 

Aleph Farms' cultivated thin steak prepared by chef Samuelsson
© Noi Einav

John Kerry tastes the Petit Steak

Last week, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry had the opportunity to taste the Petit Steak at Aleph Farms HQ. The Israeli company hosted SPEC Kerry to discuss cellular agriculture’s role in creating more secure and resilient food systems.

“Kerry tasted our cultivated steak, experiencing firsthand a product slated to help diversify protein production and be part of the inclusive transition to resilient and sustainable food systems,” said Aleph Farms in the announcement.

Investing in the future

Aleph Farms leverages cellular agriculture to grow quality animal products that improve sustainability, food security, and animal welfare in our food systems.

Aleph Farm's cultivated petit steak
Image courtesy of Aleph Farms

The company aims to develop different cuts of steak and other products from animal cells, such as cultivated collagen. The food tech unveiled the world’s first cultivated thin-cut steak in 2018 and its first cultivated ribeye steak in 2021.

“Right now, it’s a pioneering movement and one that I think will only grow to be more important and increasingly commonplace in our lives. What once felt futuristic — like electric cars — soon becomes familiar. This is a game-changing moment in the industry to invest in the future, and I’m excited to partner with an innovative company like Aleph Farms,” chef Samuelsson added.

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