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Alt-Meat Brand Peas of Heaven Launches Online Store, Sells Out in 24 Hours

Less than two weeks ago, Swedish alt-meat brand Peas of Heaven launched an online store to allow customers to buy its products directly. Within a day, it had sold out and had to pause to allow production to catch up.

When it managed to reopen a few days later, the brand’s website once again sold out within 24 hours. Peas of Heaven says it is now working to streamline and scale up its processes to increase availability.

As the name suggests, Peas of Heaven’s products are made mainly with pea protein. It also uses other plant-based ingredients such as brown rice and potatoes. All of Peas of Heaven meat alternatives are free of gluten, soy, GMOs and artificial ingredients.

The product range currently includes burgers, meatballs, bacon, mince, various types of sausage, and more. On its website, the company says its mission is to “reach everyone who’s curious about plant-based food, regardless of whether it’s a one-day choice or a lifestyle.”

Peas of Heaven
© Peas of Heaven

Demand for plant-based options is huge in Sweden, and the country is home to a number of innovative plant-based companies. These include plant milk brands Oatly and Sproud, alt-meat company Oumph!, and plant-based vending machine startup VEAT. McDonald’s has also recently begun trialling its plant-based burger in the country.

“We had not estimated that the interest in shopping for food directly from us was so great in number and order value,” said Latif Andersson, Peas of Heaven’s Head of Strategy & Business Development, in a LinkedIn post. “Many thanks to coi agency who built our online store, and our team who have been working late nights to pack deliveries.”

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