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Australian Health Food Company Norti Expands In The U.S. Market

Australian healthy snack manufacturer, Norti, is bringing their health food products to a wide variety of retailers across the United States, increasing their presence in the health food world.

Norti was founded four years ago, with the simple goal of making healthy food that was desirable and accessible across a wide spectrum of diets. All of Norti’s products are naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Norti’s specific focus on healthy gut-bacteria sets them apart in the health-food industry. In the past, probiotic products were often limited to yogurts and fermented beverages. But Norti claims its “line of ground-breaking bars defy industry norms by making chocolate bars the new face of healthy snacking.”

Now Norti is poised to enter the U.S. market with its three signature products; The Norti Performance Bar, The Norti Low Carb Bar, and Norti’s latest release, Norti Monster Bites. Founder Greg Lane describes Norti’s product as suitable “for anyone that wants to be healthier and feel better. And it tastes amazing.  It is probably the healthiest nutrition bar in the world AND the best tasting.  Now everyone can enjoy true nutrition!”



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