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Beyond IV: Recipe Overhaul Represents “Transformative Step Forward” for Beyond Meat

The plant-based industry has faced growing consumer skepticism regarding the health of alternative meat products and myths around how potentially ‘processed’ they might be. This has led to challenges for key players like Beyond Meat.

Founder and CEO Ethan Brown recently discussed necessary strategy shifts for the brand as the plant-based movement is up against stakeholders in animal agriculture who are pushing the narrative that plant-based meat is “fake, processed, and full of chemicals.” 

“Beyond IV represents a transformative step forward in delivering plant-based nutrition to the consumer in the form of meat”

Addressing this challenge, Beyond Meat has taken a significant step to improve the taste, nutrition, and ingredient transparency of its products with the latest development in its product lineup, the Beyond IV platform. This marks the fourth iteration of the Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef.

Beyond Meat IV
© Beyond Meat

Enhanced nutritional credentials

Set to debut in grocery stores across the United States this spring, the Beyond IV products showcase an overhaul of the original recipe, stemming from a multi-year research project in collaboration with top medical and nutrition experts, which the company claims has allowed it to align the products with the health standards of leading health organizations.

The new Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef formulations feature several nutritional enhancements: a switch to avocado oil for its heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and higher smoke point, a 60% reduction in saturated fat to just 2g per serving, a 20% decrease in sodium, and an increase in protein to 21g per serving. Additionally, both products have been certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check program, showcasing that they meet third-party nutritional standards.

Brown commented on the new recipe: “Beyond IV represents a transformative step forward in delivering plant-based nutrition to the consumer in the form of meat. The development of the new products occurred within an ecosystem of leading medical and nutrition experts and [was] designed to meet the standards of national health organizations to create a product that delivers the taste, satisfaction, and utility of 80/20 beef – yet is demonstrably healthier.”

Beyond Meat Beyond IV burger
© Beyond Meat

These changes boost the products’ health credentials and enhance their culinary performance, with the company promising a “meatier, beefy flavor” and better BBQ sizzle. Additionally, the recipe incorporates legume ingredients like red lentils and fava bean protein and simplifies the ingredient list by eliminating coconut and canola oils, addressing the demand for more clean-label options.

Addressing market dynamics

Over the previous year, Beyond Meat has seen a significant downturn in its stock performance, reflecting the challenging dynamics within a market driven by misinformation and the health consciousness of consumers. The latest enhancement to Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger formulation has the potential to address the issue of processed plant-based food concerns while simultaneously offering an opportunity to boost the company’s financial vitality.

Brown concluded, “There is goodness throughout Beyond IV, and we are excited to pass along these benefits to the consumer.”

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