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Beyond Meat Vs. Meat Industry: Plantbased Prices Competitive With Meat Products

Beyond Meat, one of the leading producers of plant-based meat alternatives, is planning to make its line cheaper than meat, which could mean even more consumers choosing plant-based alternatives instead of meat.

According to Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown, the company is currently investing into new plant protein sources that would lower cost.

“There’s no reason this shouldn’t be cheaper than meat, and to get there we need to make investments in the supply chain,” Brown said.

Beyond Meat products are currently made using mainly pea and rice protein, but the company is looking into a variety of plant proteins, such as sunflower seed, mustard seed, and lupin.

“Each come with their own characteristics, it’s really fascinating to me,” commented Brown. “The plant kingdom is replete with protein, once we think of it as a human food source and not a feed source for animals.”

“We have an ambition to be part of the generation that separates meat from animals,” Brown said. “You don’t do that by thinking small, you don’t do that by having a couple chefs and food scientists.”

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