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Bluu Biosciences Becomes Bluu Seafood to Reflect Company Focus & Direction

Bluu Biosciences, a pioneer in the development and production of cell-cultured fish in Europe, is now called Bluu Seafood. The new name reflects the change from a predominantly research-oriented biotech to a more product-oriented food tech.

Initial product launch this year

In the second half of this year, the company plans to introduce its first product based on cell-based fish and plant components. The market launch depends on the regulatory requirements in the respective target markets and is likely to take place initially in Asia, the UK or the USA before it is approved in the EU.

Bluu Seafood is currently focusing on the development of market-ready cultured fish products that no longer differ in taste, texture and cooking behaviour from comparable products based on wild-caught or aquacultured fish.

©Bluu Seafood

Dr Sebastian Rakers, founder and CEO of Bluu Seafood explains: “As a company, we are continuously growing and developing. The change of the brand name to Bluu Seafood takes this evolution into account. We are growing organically, mastering the processes and now focusing more on product development and market introduction.”

“We are convinced that cell-based fish will be an important alternative source of protein to feed the growing world population in the future, and Bluu Seafood is well positioned to tackle the upcoming scaling process. Fish and fish products are traded and consumed internationally, so from our point of view it makes sense to start with a brand name that is understood as far as possible everywhere and immediately tells the consumer what it is all about,” adds Chief Operating Officer Dr Christian Dammann.



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