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Leading Dutch Dairy Company Boermarke Announces it Will Become 100% Plant-Based

Boermarke, a leading Dutch dairy company, announces that after three decades in the dairy industry, it will now focus entirely on the production and development of plant-based dairy products, with the goal of making these products available in all European supermarkets within three years.

Following a reported 800 percent growth in its vegan dairy production over the past three years, the company announces it will transfer its animal dairy operations to another Dutch dairy firm, De Zuivelhoeve, and gradually transition the Boermarke range to 100 percent vegan products under its own brand Vairy or via private label.

Boermarke’s plant-based cheese is offered at a competitive price and according to the company it is listed at 80 percent of Dutch supermarkets and a large part of the German market. “This success is partly due to the fact that only three manufacturers in Europe are currently able to produce large volumes of plant-based cheese, of which Boermarke is one,” a spokesperson explains.

Boermarke Vairy vegan cheese
© Boermarke

The representative further explains that the transition comes in response to “customers who want the strict separation of dairy and vegetable production to avoid mixing,” and that the process will take several years to complete. Throughout the transition, it says that its entire staff of 180 employees will be retained and will “remain involved in the growth of its own Vairy brand and the production of house brands for other companies.”

Boermarke states that it “looks forward to the future as a leading producer and developer of plant-based dairy substitutes and remains committed to providing tasty, affordable and sustainable alternatives to dairy products.”

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