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Bright Green Partners – a Global ‘Plant and Cell Tech Strategy Boutique’ – Officially Launches in Amsterdam

Bright Green Partners, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen, focuses exclusively on plant-, fermentation- and cell-based products and markets – be it food and feed (e.g. alternative proteins, meat, dairy, feed), materials (e.g. alternative leather), or specialties (e.g. alternative ingredients for beauty products).

The Bright Green Partners team consists of ex-strategy consultants (e.g. ex-Kearney, ex-McKinsey, ex-Bain) and senior freelancers with a focus on science, engineering and business from around the world – all with project experience on plant-, fermentation- and cell-based products and markets.

Speaking with vegconomist today, Managing Partners Gerrit, Geza and Floor, commented: “Individuals and organizations are increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity in plant-, fermentation- and cell-based products and markets. They face several challenges to cut through that complexity to determine their individual path to commercial success.

“This was the rationale to establish Bright Green Partners as the global leading plant and cell tech strategy boutique helping organizations to win in these new markets. Today, we work with several leading organizations around the world on innovation scouting, strategy re-assessments, market entries, M&A transaction support, business transformations and other projects to create a brighter future for them.”         

Bright Green Partners
Image: Gerrit Suhlmann, Géza Molnár and Floor Buitelaar ©Bright Green Partners

“Our clients are large corporations as well as small-and-medium-sized-businesses around the world in sectors like agriculture, food and feed, materials / machinery manufacturing, chemicals, biotechnology, wholesale, retail and services. We also work for investors (e.g. venture capital or private equity) and governments.

In line with large management consultancies like McKinsey, Bain, and Kearney, we provide top management consulting deliverables and high-quality work to our clients. However, we mainly differentiate ourselves from large management consultancies in our laser-focus and “boutique”-approach. We can credibly state that we have an extensive competence and knowledge base in this specific field (e.g. 50+ projects completed; startup database with 500+ startups from 40+ countries; 600+ expert network for in-depth analysis). All in all, our clients do not need to explain to us their business model and market first before we consult them.”

We asked about Bright Green Partner’s future and what they envision for the next five years. “Already today we work with consultants from all over the world – be it Europe, China, India, Australia, the US, or Brazil. For the next year, we strive to hire more consultants for project work to be able to support a larger number of companies. In five years from now, we want to move beyond consulting and to tap into closely related business fields.”

And what is your dream scenario? “We envision a world where large companies were able to transform their business to bring profit, planet, and people in a sustainable balance. We think that alternative products have a clear economic advantage towards conventional livestock products – hence, a transformation makes especially sense from a commercial perspective.”           



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