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Can PlantX, the “Vegan Amazon” Build a Global Plant-Based Ecosystem?

PlantX is a Canadian online community and lifestyle platform for everything plant-based. The e-commerce platform, referred to as the vegan Amazon, aims to build an ecosystem around plant-based living.

In April, vegconomist reported that the Canadian alternative protein company Modern Meat had partnered with PlantX to launch its pre-made meal delivery service. Last month, PlantX, the “Vegan Amazon”, expanded its e-commerce platform to the US, in the footsteps of Hawaiian bulk plant-based delivery service VEDGEco, the “Vegan Costco”, which expanded to mainland US in August.

Founder of PlantX is Sean Dollinger, himself a vegan and serial entrepreneur, who at the age of 17 founded a supply company that became the largest of its kind in Canada. CEO of the startup is Julia Frank, who has formerly worked for major companies like BMW and Daimler in Germany.

Modern Meat / PlantX
©Modern Meat / PlantX

Development indicates that plant-based is a megatrend that steals market share from major global food services and threatens to completely transform the distribution of players in the $26 billion foodservice sector. In this context, it can be assumed that if PlantX succeeds in building a complete plant-based ecosystem for the world, it could potentially steal market shares from global e-commerce giant Amazon, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

PlantX founder Sean Dollinger already expressed his global ambitions in an interview first published in Authority Magazine. “PlantX was the idea that I moved forward with to hopefully get a whole movement going around plant-based living. In the past, I’ve run successful businesses, but never had a natural impact and that’s what we’re looking to do. It’s the ripple effect: by helping one person, it begins to spread positivity — hopefully — throughout the world.”

Plant X
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