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Carrefour and Major Food Companies Launch Plant-Based Coalition to Take Alternatives Mainstream

Président Directeur Général of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard,  has announced the launch of a plant-based coalition to democratize and develop plant-based alternatives for the market. 

In partnership with food manufacturing and distribution companies Danone, SAVENCIA, ANDROS, Bel Bonduelle, Unilever, and NUTRITION & SANTE, the coalition aims to reach €3 billion in sales by 2026.

“This initiative demonstrates our ability to join forces and assume our collective responsibility as manufacturers and retailers to consume sustainable products at reasonable prices,” says Bompard on social media.

Food is responsible for almost 25% of GHG emissions, and global warming is increasing rapidly. As 50% of households follow a flexitarian diet, and the purchasing power of the French is under significant pressure, Bompard believes that affordable plant-based alternatives are a solution for the health of people and the planet. 

Plant-based meat at Carrefour shelves
© Alexandre Bompard on LinkedIn

Alternatives to animal products

In the last years, Carrefour has been actively promoting plant-based diets and products. In 2018, it opened a Paris branch with a third of the store dedicated to vegan, gluten-free, and organic food, announcing expansion plans to cater to the growing demand for vegan food in China. Additionally, the brand has created its plant-based brand, Carrefour Veggie, offering a complete range of V-label-certified alt meat products and ready-to-eat meals.

In February 2022, as a major first in France, the supermarket started offering The Vegetarian Butcher‘s products at its traditional butcher counters. Later, in 2022, the French supermarket chain launched a Plant-Based Contest to help innovative startups gain a foothold in the market and promote the adoption of plant-based and sustainable diets. The contest winners secure listings with the retail giant in a win for companies and customers.

The 2022 winners include La Vie, which won the special jury prize with La Vie Ham, Lapp, Libre Foods, Novish, Pink Albatross, Rebl Eats Oy, Unlimeat, Väcka, Verdify, and VLY Food.

“This challenge was born from the need of our customers who are looking for alternatives to animal products, from our desire to fight against climate change… and a common obsession with startups and Carrefour – to innovate again and again,” said Bompard at the contest’s ceremony.

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