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Ilinel Food Co. to Disrupt Latin Food with New Casa Verde Plant-Based Meals

Casa Verde, a brand by Ilinel Food Company, is launching four ready-to-cook Latin-inspired meals. 

Created to “disrupt the Latin market”, the new shelf-stable products recreate traditional recipes using exclusively plant-based ingredients. 

Available on Casa Verde’s direct-to-consumer site, the entrees include Garbanzos Al Pastor, Lentil Mole, Coconut Chowder, and Red Bean Pozole. In addition to being completely plant-based, all of the meals’ ingredients are organic, kosher and sustainably sourced. The meals can be cooked on a stovetop or microwave and are ready to eat within 60 seconds. 

Casa Verde Plant-Based Pozole
©Casa Verde/ Ilinel Food Co

Founded by Guatemalan native Harry Lewis, Casa Verde wants to make healthy and delicious food accessible throughout Latin America. By incorporating culturally relevant flavors and new technologies, the brand is innovating meat-heavy Latin cuisine while respecting the region’s rich culinary heritage. 

Chef-crafted traditional meals

To help bring the company’s mission to life, Casa Verde hired Ecuadorian-American chef, restaurant owner, and Iron Chef Jose Garces to work on the first line of four meals. 

Casa Verde creates its products using vegetables, beans, herbs and spices sourced from Mexican produce markets. The ingredients are cooked in kettles, then sealed and placed in an oven, without the use of any artificial ingredients. 

Casa Verde
©Casa Verde/ Ilinel Food Co.

“It’s been quite a journey exploring and reinventing Latin cuisine using a plant-based format,” says Garces. “I was challenged to not only make something delicious, but healthy and affordable…You don’t need to eat meat to get the traditional Latin cuisine-feel. You can eat plant-based foods, feel really good about it, and still have something delicious to enjoy,” he adds. 

The next frontier 

The Latin market represents a huge opportunity for alternative protein. While Latin foods in general have soared in popularity in recent years, only a small handful of alt-protein companies specifically target Latin consumers or offer Latin-themed foods. Among these are NotCo, Plant Ranch Foods, and Future Farm

Casa Verde Plant-Based Meals
©Casa Verde/ Ilinel Food Co.

Casa Verde recognizes the opportunity and is eagerly moving to lead the space. 

“I believe that brands have the power to change the world, change behaviors and help solve big problems. With Casa Verde, we believe that eating delicious, healthy and nutritious food shouldn’t come with a premium, be complicated or restricted to those who can afford it,” says founder Harry Lewis. “I’m so proud to share my roots, my values and a little bit of the flavor from where I come from, while giving back to the country that has opened its doors to me and at the same time helping communities grow through affordable wellness and nurturing hearts.”

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