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Cellulose – a Plant-Based Additive with Great Potential

Renmatix, manufacturer of the plant-based food additive Simple Cellulose, has announced that it is planning to diversify the use of its product within the food market. Simple Cellulose is currently mainly used as an egg substitute in baked goods, but according to the manufacturer it can also be used as a plant-based alternative to fats, emulsifiers, and texturizers.

Earlier this year, Renmatix announced the formation of a distribution partnership with The Ingredient House. The aim was to distribute the plant-based product on the US market, with the initial focus on the use of cellulose as an egg substitute in baked goods. As Renmatix CEO Mike Hamilton informed the news service FoodNavigator-USA, new ways to make the additive suitable for other food items such as soups, sauces, and meat products are already being investigated. In addition, the company is striving to expand its sales beyond the USA and open up new markets.

Renmatix has developed the Plantrose® Process, a method that extracts cellulose from plant materials using water, high pressure, and heat. In this way, the company intends to bring a well-known, highly effective ingredient, previously rather unpopular in the clean label sector due to its conventional chemical production method, back onto the market. Cellulose is a cheaper, allergy-friendly alternative to various animal ingredients.

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