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CEO of Daring Foods, Ross Mackay, Steps Down to Pursue New Venture in the Beverage Industry

Ross Mackay, the founder and CEO of Daring Foods, has announced that he is stepping down to begin a new venture in the beverage industry, Cadence. Mackay, who co-founded Daring Foods in 2018 alongside Elliot Kesses, has transitioned to a Chairman Emeritus role at Daring, with Jeffrey Gendelman, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, to take over as CEO.

“We’ve created something truly remarkable”

Daring Foods began with a goal to “remove chicken as a form of animal protein from our food system”. The company spent months developing a plant-based chicken alternative that aimed to mirror the taste and texture of chicken without compromising on quality, resulting in a product comprised of only five key ingredients.

After its initial launch, Daring Foods secured its first food service partnership in Scotland in 2019. However, the brand’s significant breakthrough came after Mackay’s strategic move to the United States. Investing his resources in a flight to New York City, he succeeded in landing a partnership with Rastelli Food Group. This move was further bolstered in 2020 by an agreement with Sprouts Farmers Market, which introduced Daring products to 360 stores across the US.

Daring Foods frozen entrees
© Daring Foods

Daring’s milestones

Since then, the company has raised millions in funding rounds, and Mackay has secured many celebrity investors and ambassadors. Mackay told vegconomist, “We are an unapologetically ambitious company, so we wanted to work with partners that embody this bold spirit but also share our vision for a better, more plant-based world.”

Since then, the company has expanded its reach, now available in 15,000 stores nationwide, including prominent retailers such as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Target. Daring has also diversified its product lineup, introducing teriyaki pieces, frozen entrees, and tenders.

Mackay announced his resignation on social media, stating, “We’ve created something truly remarkable. It is with immense pride that I announce my decision to step down as CEO of Daring, transitioning to a Chairman Emeritus role. This journey has been the most fulfilling and intense experience of my life. The decision comes from a place of deep respect for what we’ve achieved together and a belief in the enduring spirit of Daring.”

Ross Mackay Daring Foods
© Daring Foods

Mackay’s newest venture: Cadence

Mackay has now revealed his new endeavor, Cadence, a “scientifically formulated electrolyte blend designed to augment the potential of your body and mind.” Mackay notes that his “latest venture […] is born from a genuine love for all things health and performance.” The company’s first product, Cadence™ Electrolyte Hydration, a citrus-flavored carbonated beverage, launches today.

Daring Foods is set to continue its expansion under the leadership of Jeffrey Gendelman, continuing Mackay’s mission to “not only be a product for vegans but to also continue our growth among flexitarians and continue educating on the impact that small steps can make.”

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