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China: Geb Impact Technology Joins Dao Foods Incubator & Receives Government Grant For Microalgae Cultivation

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited, a Hong Kong biotechnology company cultivating selected microalgae, has received a grant from the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) under the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) for a project entitled “All-in-One Euglena by Advanced Fermentation as Main Plant-based Replacement of Meat” with a project budget of $2 million HKD.

Following years of research, the company chose to cultivate Euglena microalgae because it combines the benefits of protein, beta-glucan, EPA, and DHA, making it an all-in-one solution to human nutrition needs and a promising ingredient for plant-based meat, seafood, and other alternative protein products.

Geb Impact has successfully achieved the production of axenic Euglena dry biomass with protein content over 50% by weight in their R&D facility, while also demonstrated a high productivity gain of 55g/L in biomass production, with no contamination. Euglena is a natural dietary fiber (polysaccharide), which can activate immune cells and enhance the body’s ability to resist viral and bacterial infections. It is not genetically modified and does not contain any major allergens.

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“Dao Foods believes that microalgae and other microbial fermentation technologies will play a significant role in providing consumers with exciting food choices that are significantly more sustainable than traditional animal protein sources.  As such, we are excited to work with the Geb Impact Technology team to help them further develop their microalgae cultivation and extend their product reach in China, where we believe the demand for alternative proteins will increase dramatically in coming years,” said Albert Tseng, Co-Founder of Dao Foods.

Geb Impact was founded by two experienced founders with years of experience in Silicon Valley. They are now applying their experience in precision engineering, manufacturing technology and marketing to the production of microalgae. James Chang with a degree in Numerical Analysis and an MBA has garnered decades of experience in global marketing and promotion of innovative products in the semiconductor industry. As CEO, James will actively deploy his technical skills and know-how in guiding the product and market development of the company.

Dr. Wang Zhonghui (Alex), who worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years is the CTO of Geb Impact Technology and holds a PhD in materials technology and chemical engineering as well as an MBA degree.  Both founders are passionate about sustainable development and believe that microalgae can provide consumers healthier and more environmentally friendly products that improve food security and human wellbeing.

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