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Clean Seafood: BlueNalu Receives $4.5 Million USD Investment

The young startup company BlueNalu is active in the clean meat industry and specialises in the synthetic production of seafood. Now the San Diego-based company has raised a total of $4.5 million to realise its plan to conquer the market for cultured fish and seafood products, through innovative research and development.

BlueNalu aims to establish cellular aquaculture in the seafood industry and thus initiate a sustainable development in this sector. BlueNalu pursues the corporate mission of producing cellular seafood to provide consumers with a healthy, safe and environmentally-friendly fish product that is not only sustainable, but also has a convincing taste. The clean seafood created in the laboratory is produced on the basis of real fish cells, which does not cause harm to any animal. Fish and seafood from the laboratory are not only healthy, but also extremely sustainable for the marine ecosystem of the planet.

BlueNalu President and CEO Lou Cooperhouse said: “Consumers around the world are increasingly aware of the challenges facing the fish and seafood industry. BlueNalu intends to change current industrial practices in which fish are farmed or caught.” The fact that BlueNalu’s innovative approach has met with much interest and approval is demonstrated by the company’s recently concluded financing round. The start-up company received a total of 4.5 million US dollars from various investment companies in a venture community.



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