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Dear Bella Creamery Launches US National Shipping of Taiwanese-American Vegan Ice Cream

Dear Bella Creamery, an LA-based ice cream shop, announces its entire line of plant-based ice cream is now available for US shipping nationwide. Founded by Taiwanese-Americans, the brand aims to diversify the vegan ice cream market by introducing creative Asian-American ice cream flavors to mainstream consumers. Dear Bella is also opening a second LA ice cream shop this summer. 

“The flavors run the gamut of our imagination and wildest cravings”

For shipping, customers can order up to five pints (5 for $65) from Dear Bella’s website. Founded in 2017 by Alice Cherng and Belinda Wei, Dear Bella produces all-natural, dairy-free ice creams in both classic and exotic flavors. Its extensive Hollywood menu features soft serve scoops, cones, sundaes, shakes and house-made ice cream cakes, among other frozen treats.

According to the company, every ingredient is free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils. With 16 made-from-scratch flavors on rotation each quarter, the brand claims it offers the largest variety of non-dairy ice cream in all of California. 

Dear Bella Birthday Cake
©Dear Bella Creamery

Asian-inspired flavors

Dear Bella’s current pint flavors range from traditional selections like Birthday Cake, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Coffee Chip to unexpected flavors like Mango Sticky Rice and Taiwanese Pineapple Cake. In recent years, the company has added an increasing number of new Asian varieties, and in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, is selling an AAPI Love Bundle with curated flavors:

  • Mango Sticky Rice
  • Taiwanese Pineapple Cake
  • Sweet Red Bean
  • Passion Fruit Banana
  • Matcha Soft Serve
Dear Bella Red Bean Ice Cream
Sweet Red Bean Ice Cream ©Dear Bella Creamery

National shipping represents a major scale-up for the brand, and Cherng and Wei acknowledge the significant costs and challenges of shipping frozen foods. But the founders feel offering consumers a higher-quality and unique vegan ice cream experience is worth it. 

“The flavors at Dear Bella Creamery run the gamut of our imagination and wildest cravings. As an Asian-American owned and operated small business, we’re proud to bring our ice cream nationwide, and find it imperative to integrate flavors from our heritage into the mainstream,” share Cherng and Wei. 

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