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Desserto Announces New Collabs With Major Brands Inc Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and Everlane

Mexican startup Desserto, the cactus-based biomaterial alternative to animal skin, continues to expand and score wins in international markets.

The fast-growing alt leather producer has announced a new collaboration with Givenchy Parfums, part of the LMVH group, with its first marbled liquid lip balm Couture Rose Perfecto in a vegan cactus-based case developed through a unique partnership between the two brands.

Karl Lagerfeld, meanwhile, announces his second collaboration with sustainability ambassador Amber Valletta. The new collection includes a selection of ready-to-wear garments and exclusive accessories made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton made without harmful chemicals, recycled fibres, as well as cactus-derived leather designed by Desserto.

Marte Cázarez y Adrián López Velarde © Desserto
Marte Cázarez y Adrián López Velarde © Desserto

In the US, Everlane has also launched a special collection based on the popular cactus leather. According to Everlane founder Michael Preysman, “In today’s climate of activism, one could argue that shopping, like voting, is also an act of social responsibility. Are we aware of what it means? Are consumers being educated to be responsible when making such a momentous decision? By buying a product from a brand, people are making a decisive contribution to the perpetuation of the production model that the company promotes”.

“In the past, wholesalers and distributors decided what was sold. They manufactured and people bought. The trend has reversed. Now it is the consumers who control the process. It’s a totally different scenario,” he said.

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