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Dutch Brand Novish Launches its Plant-Based Fish into Canada

Novish, a Dutch brand co-founded by Maiko van der Meer, former CEO of shrimp giant Klaas Puul and seafood brand Mowi Consumer Products, announces a distribution deal with Misty Mountain Trade & Consulting Inc. for its vegan fish burgers and sticks in Canada.

Novish states that its goal is to revolutionize the vegan seafood industry, and that its partnership with MMTC is a logical step to allow the Dutch company to penetrate the Canadian market. Misty Mountain Trade & Consulting was founded in 2019 by Jorge Vivanco with a unique mission: “To accelerate the world’s transition to plant-based foods, ethical and environmentally conscious goods and services.”

Novish - Sticks

It’s an incredible honour to be Novish’s distributor in Canada. From early on we have been impressed not only by their products and philosophy, but by their long-term plans, which include the use of mycoprotein starting in 2021.

“It’s a pleasure to work with professionals such as Maiko, Katja and Paul that are passionate about their products, and have an innovative mindset, which is definitely key in the plant-based industry. We look forward to a long-term relationship based on trust and close collaboration,” state Michelle Vingada and Jorge Vivanco of MMTC.

Novish is already available for sale in Canada, and it is also planned for their products to be available for sampling at the MMTC booth at The Plant-Based Show, which is expected to be held in Toronto in late 2020.
Novish - Burgers
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