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Introducing Earth Pass: A Digital Platform Bridging the Gap Between Eco-Conscious Consumers and Vegan Businesses

In a recent development within the sustainable consumer goods sector, Earth Pass has launched a digital platform dedicated to connecting consumers with plant-based and environmentally conscious brands.

Established by Noah Hyams, the founder of VEGPRENEUR, and Cara Scovazzo, the founder of Mod.Eats plant-based consulting, this platform offers a text-based service that delivers weekly discounts on products from 100% plant-based brands, providing an avenue for vegan startups to increase awareness and make their products more accessible. 

“Countless individuals remain unaware of these sustainable alternatives”

Among the brands currently featured on Earth Pass are Moku Foods, Petaluma, and All Y’alls Foods. The platform offers discounts ranging from free products to 50% off in various categories, including food, fashion, wellness, and beauty, and is planning to expand its offerings by introducing in-store incentives and subscription services to further support its users’ sustainable choices.

Earth Pass
© Earth Pass

Addressing awareness gap

Hyams noted the critical need for increased awareness and accessibility of market options: “As the founder of VEGPRENEUR, I have the privilege of collaborating with some of the most innovative and inspiring brands on a daily basis. What truly astonishes me, however, is the realization that countless individuals remain unaware of these sustainable alternatives.”

Earth Pass is centered on building a community of individuals passionate about making choices that benefit the environment. The platform provides exclusive benefits to its users, encouraging the adoption of ethical products and practices while also offering brands a platform to reach consumers who are keen to discover them. The selection criteria for featured companies ensure that they adhere to Earth Pass’s values, prioritizing plant-based products, conscientious packaging, and a commitment to continual improvement for both consumer and planetary health.

“There are a lot of incredible brands out there driving their categories towards sustainability; they might not be perfect, but their impact matters. At Earth Pass, we believe that individual purchases do have the power to enact positive change for our planet. Our platform serves as a gateway for consumers to explore, experience, and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes environmental sustainability,” commented Scovazzo.

Earth Pass
© Earth Pass

Aiding in brand exposure

To fulfill its mission, the platform focuses on three key areas: offering introductory discounts to remove financial barriers to ethical purchasing, raising awareness and educating users about brands’ environmental efforts, and fostering community engagement among like-minded individuals. This strategy aims to benefit consumers by making eco-friendly choices more attainable and also aid brands in gaining exposure to an audience that values sustainability.

Hyams concluded, “With Earth Pass, we’re creating more than just a platform; we’re establishing a community hub dedicated to showcasing the remarkable efforts of people who are making a positive impact. It’s an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between consumers who are deeply passionate about the planet and the groundbreaking brands that are shaping a more sustainable future.”

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