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Else Nutrition Triples Production Capabilities, Will Produce in Europe in the Future

Else Nutrition triples its production capacity with the addition of a second powder production facility in the United States and the start of manufacturing in Europe.

Else Nutrition recently opened a second powder production facility in the United States and announced commercial production operations in Europe in March 2023. With the additional facilities, Else can more than triple its production capacity.

Until the end of 2022, Else Nutrition had only one powder manufacturing facility in operation, which handled the company’s sales both in North America and internationally. With the two new production facilities, Else aims to meet the rapid increase in demand from brick-and-mortar retailers and online sales through Amazon and Else’s own e-store. Thanks to the increased production volumes, the risk of future supply bottlenecks will thus be reduced.

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In January and February, Else conducted two commercial production campaigns in the United States, resolving many shortage issues. Else plans to continue rapidly increasing its production capacity throughout 2023 to meet demand growth and build higher levels of available inventory.

“The additional production facilities will enable us to stabilize our production and build sufficient inventory to meet strong demand from our customers,” said Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO and co-founder of Else. “It fills us with excitement that we are now at a new stage in our journey, where leading grocers and North American mass retailers are now stocking their shelves with our products. Our ability to respond appropriately to this rapid increase in demand has been critical to our success.”

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