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Vegan Society Trademark Partners With Online Payment Platform Green Wallet

Sustainable online marketplace and payment platform Green Wallet has joined forces with The Vegan Society to benefit Vegan Trademark holders.

Green Wallet’s platform consists of an online marketplace for sustainable products, an eWallet for online payments, and Green Wallet Payments, a system to process card transactions for online merchants. The company plants a tree for each transaction made via the marketplace or Green Wallet Payments.

Through the new partnership, Vegan Trademark holders will be able to add Green Wallet Payments to their eCommerce stores and quickly upload their products to Green Wallet’s marketplace. This will result in reduced costs and improved visibility for brands. The Vegan Society’s own line of supplements, VEG1, will be among the new products added to the marketplace.

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The Vegan Trademark

In 2020, The Vegan Society saw a sharp 128% rise in the number of products bearing its trademark. A year later, the organisation hit an important milestone when it achieved 50,000 trademarked products.

The Vegan Trademark has now been active for 30 years, and research carried out by the Vegan Society suggests that consumers actively seek out and trust vegan verification logos. The Trademark has been used to certify everything from medication to musical instruments.

“The Vegan Trademark is always looking for ways to better support and promote our trademark holders, and Green Wallet offers a combination of impact, reduced costs and increased visibility for our community. We’re excited to get started!” said Sheridan Rudge, Business Development Partnership Manager for The Vegan Society.

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