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Fazenda Futuro Announces Product Range Reformulation With Improved Taste and Texture

Brazil’s Fazenda Futuro, known internationally as Future Farm, has announced a strategic product reformulation across its entire range. This initiative aims to elevate the sensory experience of its offerings to more closely mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat in a market where cultural resistance to plant-based diets poses hurdles for brands.

“This will be Fazenda Futuro 2.0”

Mariana Tunis, the marketing director at Fazenda Futuro, spoke about the critical role of technology in overcoming the challenges faced in the development of the Future Burger 4.0, which the company launched last year. The brand has invested heavily in True Texture Technology, an approach designed to replicate the taste and texture of meat more accurately than in previous formulations.

“To bring a richness of flavor, we use True Texture Technology, which works like an artificial tongue, capturing the flavor of the food. In addition, the technology accompanies the process of protein hydration and mixing,” Tunis explained.

Fazenda Futuro
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The commitment to technological advancement extends throughout Fazenda Futuro’s production chain, with a focus on natural ingredients. Tunis states, “Nothing is made in a laboratory, and no artificial molecules are used in production. Fazenda Futuro’s focus is to sophisticate technology to the point where people don’t recognize what is animal and what is vegetable.” 

Other plant-based companies have made similar changes to their product formulas, including Beyond Meat, which just announced its Beyond IV platform today with a new recipe that has less fat, less sodium, more protein, and a clean-label ingredient list. Alpha Foods also began using HME (High-Moisture Extrusion) technology to process its plant-based Chik’n strips with fewer ingredients and enhanced nutrition.

Fazenda Futuro 2.0

Fazenda Futuro’s new product formulation is part of the company’s goal to solidify its position in the market and attract potential investors. After the launch of the Futuro Oat Milk Range last year, Fazenda Futuro is now looking at the potential to develop products like cheese, honey, and bacon. “This will be Fazenda Futuro 2.0. We want to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for plant-based foods,” Tunis commented, as reported by InfoMoney

“We hope that this year we can show consumers more and more that they can find food from a farm in a plant-based format,” Tunis remarked.

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