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First Plant-based Wall Paint Wins Awards in Netherlands

Copperant paint won the Innovation Award 2018 at the SGA Vakdagen in Gorinchem, for the Copperant Altra, the first plant-based, titanium white-free, matt wall paint in The Netherlands.

Copperant is a brand of Baril Coatings, designed for professional painters who want to consciously opt for sustainable craftsmanship.

The innovative new products, Altra Spackling Spray and Altra Wall Paint, are both plant-based, titanium white-free and non-toxic. The paints are not only safe, but also environmentally friendly and produced using only solar power. The line will be further expanded in 2019 with plant-based sealer, primer and lacquer paint. The new products are available at the Copperant outlets in The Netherlands.

Geert Duijghuisen, director of Baril Coating commented, “As a society, we must face fact that the planet is bigger than we are. This planet doesn’t need us, but we do need the planet! By making plant-based paint, we no longer have to worry about the availability of raw materials. Yet, the most important benefit is that this allows us to positively impact the global CO2 balance.”



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