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FloZein Produces Vegan Alternative to Shellac

FloZein produces an all vegan, corn-based alternative to shellac which has several applications in cosmetics, biomedical, agriculture, packaging, pharmaceuticals, food and confectionary and much more. The product has several advantages over shellac and is more cost-effective. Since FloZein is a protein extracted from corn, broad use applications have been allowed by the FDA without restrictions or limitations.

Traditionally, shellac has been used for sub or seal coating to protect cores prior to sugar coating as well as film and enteric coating. Shellac is obtained by the purification of Lac, the resinous secretion of the insect Laccifer Lacca Kerr (Fam. Coccidae).  Bleached (White) Shellac is prepared by dissolving the Lac in aqueous sodium carbonate, bleaching the solution with sodium hypochlorite and precipitating the Bleached Shellac with 2 N sulfuric acid.

History of FloZein
During the 1940’s, Zein was processed into yarn and used in the manufacture of stockings. This very high volume application ended with the discovery of nylon and rayon.  Eastman Kodak, which had used Zein as a coating in the manufacture of photographic film and paper, began to use synthetic, petroleum-based coatings instead. Zein producers, primarily corn milling companies, began to leave the market.

Brothers Joel Freeman and Paul Freedman, both chemists and owners of Freeman Industries, understood the unique coating properties of Zein and started to purchase it from one of the remaining smaller producers. Working closely with customers, they identified multiple applications for Zein in the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries.  They developed different formulations using Zein, which met specific customer requirements better than just using Zein alone.

The Products

FloZein Products offers Zein and Zein-combination products which are: All-natural, clean label, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal compliant,Gluten, lactose, and sugar-free,GMO-free

  • USP monograph compliant
  • Digestible and biodegradable
  • Sourced and manufactured in the USA
What is Zein?
Zein is a plant protein isolated from corn. This water-insoluble protein is one of the best understood biomacromolecules and classified as GRAS by the US Food and Drug Administration.  It is unique in its ability to form odorless, tasteless, clear, hard and almost invisible edible coating.

  • Zein, a highly effective moisture barrier, is widely used in the food and pharma/nutraceutical industries for coating and encapsulation.
  • Zein is remarkably resistant to bacterial attack, making it the ideal coating to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole and shelled nuts, and raw protein.
  • Zein may be cast or sprayed into a film which can be used to create biodegradable/edible plastics for products such as drinking straws, food containers, and bags.
  • Due to its inherent hydrophobicity and biodegradability, Zein nanoparticles have been successfully applied as a carrier for controlled release of hydrophobic drugs and as a biomaterial for the development of colloidal delivery systems.
  • Zein can be combined with many different ingredients to create a wide range of coating properties and colors.

Flozein applications

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