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Foodvalley NL Launches Protein Transition Map, Showing 450+ Dutch Alt Protein Companies

Food transition organisation Foodvalley NL has published the Protein Transition Map NL, which shows over 450 companies active in the Dutch protein transition.

The map includes an economic analysis, carried out in collaboration with Buck Consultants. This shows the added value in euros provided by the companies in each province, along with the number of employees. It indicates that the economic value of companies in the alternative protein industry has doubled since 2015, with their joint annual production value reaching at least €881 million. The total number of jobs provided is at least 3,500.

“The protein transition is serious business, offering serious business opportunities”

It is hoped that the map could provide a practical way of addressing challenges in the alternative protein industry, such as scaling up production, securing investment, and improving taste and texture. Companies could use the resource to find collaborators, allowing for the development of shared solutions.

Additionally, the map could help policymakers and investors assess the economic impact of the protein transition, while also improving the visibility of companies. Businesses not currently listed can apply to be added.

© Foodvalley NL

“Great progress”

Examples of companies with a spot on the map include:

“The protein transition is serious business, offering serious business opportunities,” says FoodValley. “The more actors showcase their ingredients, products, and technologies, the better the transition’s chances of success. The good news is that we are making great progress. Whereas only two years ago the Dutch Protein Transition Ecoystem counted 250 actors, we have now passed the threshold of 400 actors, all advancing the protein transition. Through the development of plant-based ingredients, new products, innovative techniques, or brands, they contribute to job creation, economic value, and commercial perspectives.”

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