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Fruitive Will Bring Your Toilet Paper, Beans, Trash Bags etc Along With Vegan Meal Kits

Fruitive, a fast casual restaurant with chains around Washington DC and Virginia, announces take-home meal kits along with curbside pickup, delivery and takeout services to “safely continue offering healthy meals to customers during the coronavirus pandemic,” and also can deliver the staples you might need at this time such as toilet paper.

The vegan meal kits from Fruitive come in individual and family-sized portions starting at $19. Options include  Mediterranean bowls, veggie wraps, and sesame ginger soup. During the current crisis the company is also offering to deliver items such as beans, oats, and toiletries – which can be added to your order online.


“Restaurant patrons are understandably concerned about being near others in public places at this time,” said Gregg Rozeboom, founder and CEO of Fruitive. “Our top priority is supporting people’s health, so we’ll be closing Fruitive’s indoor dining services for the time being. However, we’ll be offering various options that enable people to pick up food, have it delivered or even make it themselves at home.”

Rozeboom states on the company website: “If you order one of our meal kits. You can add some staple items to your order, such as rice and beans, and yes, even toilet paper.  We are not adding any up-charge to these items. We want to do our part to keep you healthy and safe.

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Black Beans (110 oz. can) $9.00
Chickpeas (110 oz. can) $9.00
Wild Rice (32 oz. container) $9.00
Quinoa (32 oz. container) $7.00
Rolled Oats (32 oz. container) $4.00
Steel Cut Oats (32 oz. container) $5.00
Toilet Paper (individual Rolls) $0
Gloves (box) $7.00
Paper Towels (pack) $2.00
Trash Bags (individual) $0.75

“These are challenging times for many, and it can be even more difficult for those confined to their homes,” Rozeboom said. “We want to provide access to nutritious, filling meals and household staples for as many of our neighbors as possible, and I’m so grateful for Fruitive team pulling together to make this happen.”


Fruitive’s CityCenter location in D.C. and Hilltop location in Virginia Beach are open to offer meal kit pickups and delivery services 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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